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Since Untitled Noise (SUN) started in August 2009, there have been almost 400 blog entries, which I think is a terrific acheivement in just a year.  This blog has done wonders for bringing together information about BCB music shows in one place.    Before Untitled Noise (BUN) we were a rather dispersed set of islands.  But now we have come together as an archipelago I feel we all communicate with each other, and also with you the listeners/readers better.  I do still wish that all BCB music presenters contributed to this blog in the SUN era, because it has the potential to be ever better , but I appreciate that not everybody has time.   I find it hard enough keeping up with it myself, but I feel it’s really important, so I make the time to do at least one blog a week.

A big thanks to those presenters who do contribute, it’s hard to think how we ever got by in the BUN era.  A huge thanks must go also to Adam Wells who set this blog up for us, and continues to offer his support despite moving to The Big Smoke about 6 months ago.


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