Going North from Nashville presents ‘Sounds Like…..’ Monday 22nd November 10-11pm

1.Josh Ritter – The Lark  – sounding like Paul Simon !

2.Echoes of Simon & Garfunkel from: Aaron Roche – Jane

3.Nick Drake – Time Has Told Me

4.Midlake – Fortune -some Nick Drake influences here?

5.Regina Spectre – Human of the Year – sounding like:

6.Joni Mitchell – Last Time I Saw Richard

7.In the spirit of the Rolling Stones: Jon Dee Graham & the Fighting Cocks – God’s Gonna Give You what You Need

8.Maybe also in the spirit of Seasick Steve – St Louis Slim

9.Which is the real Micah P Hinson……..?

10. Sons of Adrian & Noel – This Wreck is not a Boat

11.Micah P Hinson- The Hero Will Never Hang/Stuck on the Job

 Two women artists who bear a passing resemblance musically:

12.Peggy Sue & the Pirates – Lovergone

13.Foreign Slipper – Don’t Go

 A couple of tracks with a remarkable similarity from artists hailing from opposite sides of the Atlantic:

14.Bon Iver – Flume

15. Neil Halstead – Oh Mighty Engine

16.Pernice Brothers – Something for You – echoes of Tom Petty…….?