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Gah, the desperate will to catch up on my life seems to not be sufficient to actually bridge the gap into the present.  Indeed we’re still dealing with shows from August, rather terrifyingly.

So, as suggested last time we’ll have some quick blah about a featured track and then on with the playlist.

This week I have plumped for a bit of folk in the shape of Men-An-Tol’s Black Waterside which comes from the album Through The Quoit.  I can’t claim to be anything even remotely approaching a Men-An-Tol afficiando, but I certainly know how to snaffle a free record or two when offered, so when lovely Albert Freeman offered up some unknown delights from the Static Caravan label – home of the likes of Tunng – you could bet your bottoms that I did my best to ensure that the aforementioned wares would find a permanent home in my living room.

And they did – taking a brief outing back to BCB for an appearance on Selection Box 147.  Sadly, I cannot find a video online to link to the track, but you can listen to a lovely snippet here or alternatively just listen to the track along with the rest of the show in question…

Courtesy of this lovely Soundcloud player you can listen to this show again for a limited period (probably about the length of time it would take to turn a knee entirely to dust if you rubbed it non-stop with a carpet tile). Sadly due to copyright and such blah the show cannot be made available as a downloadable file.

Selection Box Show 147 by PatrickSelectionBox

Legendary American garage noiseniks The Seeds

Legendary American garage noiseniks The Seeds

Selection Box Show 147

Transmitted 30/8/2010

1. Dangermouse & Sparklehorse – Little Girl
from: Dark Night Of The Soul

2. Betty Hall Jones – Buddy, Stay Off The Wine
from: Complete Recordings 1947-1954

3. The Seeds – Up In Her Room
from: Flower Punk

4. The Juan Maclean – The Future Will Come
from: The Future Will Come

5. The Arcade Fire – Empty Room
from: The Suburbs

6. Dickie McBride & The Village Boys – Tulsa Twist
from: Western Swing: Hot Hillbilly Jazz & Blues – 1935-1947 (various artists)

7. Men-An-Tol – Black Waterside
from: Through The Quoit

8. Lena & The Deltanettes – Turn Around Baby
from: Talcum Soul Volume 3 (various artists)

9. James – Look Away
from: The Morning After

10. The Robins – Riot In Cell Block 9
from: The Birth of Rock n Roll (various artists)

11. M.I.A. – It Takes a Muscle
from: /\/\/\Y/\

12. Thee Headcoatees – Meet Jacqueline
from: The Kids Are All Square – This Is Hip | Girlsville

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  1. avatarAlbert

    Nice one Patrick, good show. I’m glad you liked Men-an-Tol.

    Any eagle-eyed reader who sees this comment today might be intrested to know that M.I.A., whose latest single Patrick played in this show, is playing in Leeds on Saturday and tonight in Eclectic Mainline I am giving away a pair of tickets to the gig.

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