Twee(t) Blog – the Buffet Triumverate Visit Butlins for Bowlie

So the Buffet Belles had a fabulous time at All Tomorrow’s Parties’ Bowlie 2, curated by Belle and Sebastian; but we are far too busy to write up a proper blog – so here are our tweets from the event instead.

(And please tune in for our next show on New Year’s Day at 5pm, and listen out for a buffet special over the holiday period!)

Field Music at ATP, pic by EmmaBob3

Field Music at ATP, pic by EmmaBob3


On the way to #bowlie ATP via train to Taunton. Heading off on a @buffetdisco roadtrip to @atpfestival. Giddy giddy!

@Jennyjetharris @BloodyNoraDJ & me need to know who’s the secret band at #bowlie. @clairecircuit spill it sister! Or @ least more clues?

@Emmabob3 @jennyjetharris @bloodynoradj @clairecircuit
Franz Ferdinand

Butlins rocks! #bowlie

We @buffetdisco heart Silver Columns

Singer from Foals looks like Prince circa 1986 crossed with Adam Buxton

Phenomenal Handclap Band – the three stages of Bee Gee

Twee? So far so LOUD. I like.

I’m at ATP #bowlie having an injection of fine pop and rock and electrical jim jammery.

Cubittz Todays dilemma: Field Music or #lfc v Newcastle? @Cubittz If you are tall and likely to stand in front of me choose football!

Topping up the caffeine after seeing Bottle Rocket, still so tried! A full and fantastic day ahead, esp. Field Music!

What’s with all the young women wearing real fur? Not cool. miss_steff @BloodyNoraDJ I was thinking that myself (re: fur)

Down the front with all the geeky speccy boys. I love ’em, and I love Field Music. #bowlie is aces!

Just had my face melted by a double whammy of Field Music & Dirty Projectors. Holy fandango a go go. : ) x bionic squared = music @#bowlie

Math rock meets xtc meets Billy Joel = Field Music. Unlikely but awesome. #bowlie

Never heard Dirty Projectors til now, and they were astonishingly good.

One of the many things I adore about ATP is seeing stuff that would otherwise pass me by

Jenny and Johnny dedication to Minor Threat, oh yeah #bowlie #straightedge Jenny in hotpants with bass guitar – foxiest thing at #bowlie so far

Very drunk man accosted us at #bowlie said he could tell we were vegetarian by our haircuts

Think I sustained bruises in Franz Ferdinand mosh . Possibly inflicted some too.

Loving the P J Proby haircut!! Franz Ferdinand

@alkapranos at times resembles a young Cliff Richard (sorry, duck)

@BloodyNoraDJ @alkapranos phew. Not just me that thinks that then. Sounds like him too

Morning from Driftwood Grove. Must. Find. Salad.#butlinsdon’tdovegetables

Too. Many. Chips. Not a happy tummy today.

Recommend the chick pea curry at The Creamery in Minehead. It’s got real vegetables in it.

Team Buffet (it’s a nice spread) scored a respectable 90 pts on pop quiz, thanks to an impromtu expansion feat. lovely strangers

We were robbed at pop quiz (we weren’t really)

Cowbell! #sonsanddaughters

Mulatu Astatke just made my day. Astonishing musicians, hypnotic music, pleasant surprise

Highlights of the day: eating some vegetables and watching The Vaselines

Fugazi on the jukebox, oh yeah

I feel like I’ve been at Live Aid! #thembeatles

I’m hoarse from screaming at Them Beatles!

Ringo winked at me!

Them Beatles played all the hits! (Except Helter Skelter, tiny bit gutted)

Fab indie disco by some footballer; ace conga! Why don’t the young ‘uns mosh proper? #bowlie #mypelvicfloorisfucked

Yesterday was 4 x fun at #bowlie (swimming & music & beer & disco dancing). So i suppose i shouldnt be surprised that today I feel quite Ill

Ho-di-ho Butlins. ATP highlights: Dirty Projectors, Field Music, Vaselines, Them Beatles and Pat Nevin’s indie disco #bowlie

Leaving the #bowlie bubble now. Back to reality. It’s been really aces, tho!

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