Good music, sad news

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Hope your week’s going well….on the show we’ve got the fantastic Scars on 45! Playing three acoustic tracks and having a chat. They’re playing their new single so if you like it and want to bag it for yourself go to:

One major dark cloud’s been hanging over me (well, more than one but we’ll stick to the musical point…) – the really sad news of Trish Keenan passing away. I’ve loved Broadcast from the moment I first heard their music and have since collected all their releases – one of the very few bands in that category. Their sound was quite different to everything I’d previously enjoyed.  I have many happy memories of dancing along in the kitchen to tracks from ‘The Book Lovers’ and ‘Extended Play’ and being mesmorised by the band at a gig in Birmingham.  Trish honestly inspired me – to the point where I briefly plucked up courage to sing in my own band. I’ll miss her dearly.

Cue the music….on Wed 19th Jan:

Cloud Nothing – Understand at all
Patrick Wolf – Time of my life (ceephax remix) (no, not the dirty dancing song!)
Mona – Listen to your love
Scars on 45 (BCB Session) – interview with Danny, Nova and Amy
Scars on 45 (BCB Session) – Hearts on fire
Soom T – Jungle of peace
Clinic – Bubblegum
McD – Lipburna (Big up for Bradford – making instrumental tunes)
Austra – Beat and the pulse
Scars on 45 (BCB Session) – Beauty’s running wild
Printed Circuit – Brick it (I love Printed Circuit from Leeds…pledge some dosh and help get more releases from this great band)
Broadcast – According to no plan
Beat Connection – Space vacation
Former Ghosts – New Orleans
Scars on 45 (BCB Session) – Give me something

Thanks for reading/listening….the show’s on from 9pm, Wednesday on 106.6fm (in Bradford) or (live online).

Get in touch if you’re in a band/you’re an artist with music you’d like me to play: – we love to hear from you!


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  1. avatarAlbert

    Well put. It was only about 2 years ago that I started to listen to loads of Broadcast, having previously only heard the Extended Play EP. I was immediately minded to think of your own music and the positive influence Trish Keenan had had on your singing voice. It’s a pity Broadcast aren’t on Spotify. I only have 2 of their albums and would like to hear more. I feel a trip to Jumbo coming on…

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