The Blowin Weekly Extra – The clouds are full of wine..

Blowin 9-10pm Sunday 6th February 2011
More tunes than time…
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Ice Rock

Ice Rock


Compared To What – we’ve played this before and doubtless we’ll play it again, meanwhile here’s the film of the performance.. funkabulously jazztastic, filmed in 1969 with pianist Les McCann and saxophonist Eddie Harris live at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Apparently… “Les McCann smoked his first-ever hashish just before going out there and doing the do.”


I thought they were called the Higgins Jazz Quintet, but apparently it’s The hUigin Quintet (sic).

OK… not confused, not much.

Anyroad, they’re a fabulous jazz quintet playing in the Bradford area – Blue Note to Miles Davis – next gig appears to be at the Kings Arms in Heaton on Wednesday 23 March at 8.30 – diary it now! More at


Our friend Muzikifan has updated his inimitable site with reviews and listings


There’s a free Strut Records sampler to download at Queens, Fatback Band, Arthur Russell – and more.


From the BBC press office:

‘BBC Four announced it will celebrate reggae’s impact on British music, culture and society with four exciting new programmes on Friday 11 and Friday 18 February. The channel will spotlight some of the genre’s most influential and greatest artists with two new documentaries, Reggae Britannia and Toots And The Maytals – Reggae Got Soul, a specially filmed Reggae Britannia At The Barbican concert and Reggae At The BBC, a choice compilation showcasing a range of archive content.’


This week’s short story:

George was running so fast he could feel his buttocks slamming together. He couldn’t help it, he HAD to get to those girls. Even if they turned him down, at least he’d get a glimpse of their beautiful faces.

Morning brought a change in the winds. Edmund had said as much. He always was a queer fellow. Once he wore a pink cardigan to the St Patrick’s parade. It wasn’t that the whole idea was pretty boring, in fact it was quite enthralling.

The day was just too hot for all this malarky and there was far too much to do. In fact, the to-do list itself extended from the kitchen all the way to the top of the landing. Up there it was very dark. Very, very, VERY dark. So dark, nobody ever dared go up that far. It was only when the sounds began to echo down to the ground floor every morning, that anyone remembered the landing existed. It only took 5 seconds in these instances before anyone sitting downstairs decided it was time to leave. That’s when it became apparent all the door knobs had been removed. In their place were Hermit Crabs, which were endangered at the time. All because the Japanese loved to eat, no one went hungry. The meal was eaten anyway and everyone had a bash. The noise began to creep down to the ground floor again when they were just finishing their meal. ‘Oh dear’, they thought. ‘This is the wrong time.’

By Heide Harding and Sarah Timmins - another next week – watch this space…


This lets you do in art galleries what Google Street View does on streets, ie walk around them


Crime map to keep you nice and scared –

- OR –

Type in your postcode and find the crime in your street

You choose..

thanks to Lorney



6 February

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Petrified Forest– Lick My Decals, Off Baby CD – Reprise

Lee Perry – I Got The Groove – From My Secret Laboratory CD – Island

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – One Red Rose That I Mean

Wire – Bad Worn Thing – Red Barked Tree CD – Pink Flag

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band

Aurelio – Mayahuaba – Laru Beya CD – Real World

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – The Smithsonian Institute Blues (Or The Big Dig)

Malachai – Anne – Return To The Ugly Side CD – Domino

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Space-Age Couple

Louvin Brothers – He Can Be Found – Satan Is Real CD – Capitol

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – The Clouds Are Full Of Wine (Not Whiskey or Rye)

Tim Moon – The Bristol Channel – The Angel & The Rotter CD – Inside Motion, released 1 March 2011

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Flash Gordon’s Ape

Orchestra Baobab – Sutukun – London, November 2007

Jimmy Riley – You’ll Lose A Precious Love – Rydim Driven CD – Taxi/Island

Nightmares On Wax – Les Nuits – Carboot Soul CD – Warp

More at


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