Eclectic Mainline 16th March 2011

Well, I didn’t get half the tunes I wanted to get in tonight.  Grrr.  Many had to be held over to next week.  While I was on, the 2011 Bradford International Film Festival was getting under way.  If you’re in Bradford you should defintely try and get along to see at least one film during the festival.  It is always really amazing the number of great films they manage to find.

If you missed tonight’s show, you can listen again for up to 4 weeks.  Here’s the video to the Bibio tune I played:

Here’s a full list of what I played:

The Dears – “Thrones” (single) (Dangerbird)
Bibio – “Excuses” (single) (Warp)
Papercuts – “Do What You Will” (single) (Sub Pop)
Essie Jane – “Lay Down” (LP – Until The Light Of Morning”) (Leaf)
Charles-Eric Charrier – “6 I” (LP – “Silver”) (Experimedia)
Taylor McFerrin – “Place In My Heart (feat. Ryat)” (single) (Brainfeeder)
Kurt Vile – “Puppet To The Man” (LP – “Smoke Ring For My Halo”) (Matador)
PJ Harvey – “This Glorious Land” (LP – “Let England Shake”) (Island)
Big Three Trio – “You Sure Look Good To Me” (3CD – “The Bullet Records Story”) (SPV Yellow)
Bullion – “Magic Was Ruler” (single) (Young Turks)
J Mascis – “Several Shades Of Why” (LP – “Several Shades Of Why”) (Sub Pop)
Timber Timbre – “Black Water” (single)
Jesca Hoop – “Storms Make Grey The Sea” (“Snowglobe” EP) (Last Laugh)
Grinderman – “Palaces Of Montezuma (Barry Adamson Remix)” (single) (Mute)


1 thought on “Eclectic Mainline 16th March 2011

  1. avatarAlbert Post author

    Thanks to Sally for sending me the rather intruiging lyrics to ‘Palaces of Montezuma’:

    Psychedelic invocations
    Of Mata Hari at the station
    I give to you
    A Java princess of Hindu Birth
    A woman of flesh a child of earth
    I give to you
    The hanging gardens of Babylon
    Miles Davis the black unicorn
    I give to you
    The Palaces of Montezuma
    And the Gardens of Akbar’s tomb
    I give to you
    The spider Goddess and the Needle Boy
    The slave-dwarves they employ
    I give to you
    A custard-coloured super-dream
    Of Ali McGraw and Steve McQueen
    I give to you

    C’mon baby, let’s get out of the cold
    And give me, give me, give me your precious love for me to hold

    The epic of Gilgamesh
    A pretty little black A-line dress
    I give to you
    The spinal cord of JFK
    Wrapped in Marilyn Monroe’s negligee
    I give to you
    I want nothing in return
    Just the softest little breathless word
    I ask of you
    A word contained in a grain of sand
    That can barely walk can’t even stand
    I ask of you

    Oh c’mon baby, let’s get out of the cold
    And gimme gimme gimme your precious love for me to hold
    C’mon baby come out of the cold
    And gimme gimme gimme your precious love for me to hold

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