When Big Joan Sets Up 24/3/11 – Singles Night

Originally this post had a lame “Two Ronnies” style pun about 7 inches being enough for anyone in the title – but frankly I’m better than that and so are you.

Anyroad, after Simon Ashberry’s claim on this very blog here, that 2011 was turning in to a cracking year for music – excellent records of every stripe have rained down upon our grateful upturned faces like er…rain and happily a good number of these have been shiny black 7″ singles as I was getting a bit concerned that we were going all 1973 with all the LP tracks we’ve been playing.

So, tonight started off as a singles only programme and then transmogrified ( I love typing that word. I’m tempted to do it again) in to a mix of 7″‘s, 12”s (stop it!) LP tracks, downloads and wax cylinders (alright, that last one was a lie)

To hear the whole hideous farrago again go to http://www.podcast.canstream.co.uk/bcb/index.php?id=611

Smiley Culture – “Police Officer” (7″) (Fashion)
Hype Williams – “Untitled (And Your Batty’s So Round)” (LP – ‘One Nation”) (Hippos In Tanks)
Flats – “Never Again” (7″) (One Little Indian)
Wheez Ie – “Leave Her Alone” (12″) (Individuals)
Bearsuit – “Jim Henson’s Creature Workshop” (LP – “The Phantom Forest”) (Fortuna Pop)
Actress – “Harrier Attk” (12″) (Non Plus)
Talisman – “Wicked Dem” ( v/a LP – “The Bristol Reggae Explosion 1978 -1983”)(Bristol Archive)
The Groundhogs – “Strange Town” (v/a LP – “Before The Fall”) (Ace)
The Fall – “Winter (Hostel -Maxi)” (LP – “Hex Enduction Hour”)(Kamera)
Aeons – “Self Destruction” (split download EP with Montek – “Electronic Sound”) (TGLK Hard as Hell)
fOUND – “Today We Watch The Wooden Trumpets Burn” (7″ – b-side of ‘Machine Age Dancing”) (Chemikal Underground)
Purrilent Jacuzzi – “10” (Demo CD – ‘Promo”) (Self Released)
The Vivian Girls – “I Heard You Say” (7″) (Polyvinyl)
Wagon Christ – “Wake Up” (LP – “Toomorrow”) (Ninja Tune)
Boris/Merzbow – “Akuma No Uta” (LP – “Klatter”) (Daymare)


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  1. avatarmr banks

    mr phillip ‘posh’ Cope, the highlight of cbc or bbc or bcb well you know what im trying to say…….why you havnt got the drive time slot i do not know but anywhere i hope you well mr phillip, this is mr banks by the way, i look forward to listening to your elegant show this evening, and i am gonna send a message to the board of directors at the cbc or bbc or bcb towers and tell them that we need mr phillip ‘posh’ cope on the wireless on primetime, now have a nice show, ciao for now, and dont do anything i wouldnt do

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