When Big Joan Sets Up 8th June – A Big Yo To My Posse

Why do people keep asking me if they can have a “shout out” on the programme? It’s not bloody Viking FM you know.

Anyway, some records

Total Science and S.P.Y. – “While You Were Sleeping” (EP -“Ghost Rider”) (CIA Recordings)
Black Pus – “Hole In The Ground” (LP -“Primordial Pus”) (Load)
Comet Gain – “Thee Ecstatic Library” (LP -“Howl Of The Lonely Crowd”) (Fortuna Pop)
People Like Us – “What Will I Do?” (LP – “Welcome Abroad”) (Illegal Art)
Fats Domino – “Walking To New Orleans” (LP -“The Imperial Singles Volume 4”) (Ace)
Sleeparchive – “Ronan Point 2″ (12”) (Tresor)
Earl Sixteen feat. U Roy – “This Yah Business (12″ Rockers Version)” (LP – “The Fittest”) (Jah Rocksolid)
Boris – “Les Paul Custom ’86” (LP -“Attention Please”) (Sargeant House)
Swing Republic – “The Honeydripper” (Download LP – “Electro Swing Republic”)
Eliza Carthy – “Thursday” (LP – “Neptune”)(Hem Hem)
Martin Carthy – “The Bedmaking” (LP-“The Essential Martin Carthy”) (Topic)
The 5678’s – “Sho Jo Ji (The Hungry Racoon)” (7″) (Third Man)
DJ Paul feat Lenny D – “All Of Us Are One People” (download) (Round One)
Atari Teenage Riot – “Codebreaker” (LP- “Is This Hyperreal?”) (Digital Hardcore)
The Keys – “I Tried To Find It In Books” (LP -“Bitten By Wolves”) (See Monkey Do Monkey)
Akasha – “One Drop” (v/a LP – “The Next Mission”) (Dubmission)