Eclectic Mainline 4th January 2012

It seems to have become a pattern that early in each year I discover something amazing that passed me by the year before.  This has happened again, in that I have only just heard the wonderful album  Nº 1 by Christina Vantzou. The entire album can be streamed on Soundcloud:

Christina Vantzou – Nº 1 by christina vantzou

Christina made visuals to accompany the whole album.  Publicity for the project describes it thus:

The hierarchical relationship between image and sound which we’ve grown accustomed to from music videos and cinema is flipped upside down and ultimately erased, to produce a cohesive, synesthetic experience.

This is track 1 from the visual element to Nº 1:

All 9 visual episodes are being released on DVD, with an accompanying CD of remixes.  I played one of the remixes in tonight’s show.

While searching Vimeo and Youtube for an extract to include in this blog I found another pleasant surprise.  Christina Vantzou produced visuals to accompany Sparklehorse on tour in 2007.  Here’s one of them, ‘Spirit Ditch’, a song that never fails to give me goosepimples:

If you wish to hear the show, you do so on the BCB Listen Again service. Here is a list of all the tunes I played in tonight’s show:

DJ Food – “GIANT (feat. Matt Johnson)” (LP – “The Search Engine”) (Ninja Tune)
MJ Hibbert & The Validators – “Please Don’t Eat Us” (LP – “Dinosaur Planet”)
Christina Vantzou – “Small Choir (Ben Vida remix)” (CD+DVD – “Nº 1: DVD and Remixes”) (The Numbered Series)
The Twilight Sad – “Nil” (LP – “No One Can Ever Known”) (Fat Cat)
Tyme. x Tujiko – “Heart Koorasete” (LP – “GYU”) (Editions Mego)
Trailer Trash Tracys – “Candy Girl” (double A-side single with “Strangling Good Guys”) (Double Six)
Raffertie – “Mass Appeal” (EP – “Mass Appeal”) (Ninja Tune)
Exteenager – “I Am Shy Song” (Various Artists LP – “Inner Self Globophobic Clown Tester (Part. 1)”) (Wildrfid)
SOKO – “I Thought I Was An Alien” (single) (Because)
Dan Sartain – “Even At My Worst I’m Better Than You” (LP – “Too Tough To Live”) (One Little Indian)
Decoy Child – “Nocturne (Crewdson Remix)” (single b/w “Pray”) (Ninja Tune)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – “Hysterical” (single) (V2)
Russell Haswell – “Acid nO!se #6 (WS+TS)” (LP – “ACID nO!se Synthesis”) (Editions Mego)