Selection Box Shows 208, 209 & 210

Liz Green: paper bag writer

Aons ago, I introduced a feature of sorts onto these blog entires wherein I would pick a song what I done gone played via the magic of the wireless airwaves right into your ear crannies and have it as a featured track right here on that there internet so you can read all abaaaaht it.  So I thunks I’ll do that again.

This week’s comes courtesy of Wirral warbler Liz Green’s debut album O, Devotion! which has, as the inner sleevenotes admit, had something of an elongated gestation period.  However, some things require you not to rush (and where music is concerned it requires, where possible, for you not to be Rush as well) and the result is a rather bewitching record of haunting guitar plucking and a vocal performance which sounds like it belongs on an undiscovered early 20th century 78rpm slab of acetate.  Which I say as a very very good thing, lest there be confusion.

Intriguingly, when you put Liz’s name into a video search on Google (other search engines are available) a recording of dreadful quality and equally poor grammar and grasp of capital letters entitled “Liz green who is the worst act i have ever seen” crops up.  I find it hard to believe the rhyme there was intentional, but I’m prepared to give the poster the benefit of the doubt.  However, as someone who has seen Liz Green play live I can only either assume that this person has been enormously lucky and only ever seen really really good acts play live, or else they are an ignorant, clueless dick.  Experience tells me to veer towards the latter.

Unfortunately, the track I played in Selection Box show 208 is not available on Liz’s official YouTube account, so here’s the video of the first release from the album Displacement Song, which I played a few months ago upon its initial release:



Liz Green is touring the UK in Spring, and the new single Bad Medicine is released on 12 March.


Selection Box Show 208 (listen here)
Transmitted 16/1/2012

1.  Happy Mondays – Mad Cyril
from: Bummed

2.  E.K. Nyame – Bra Ohoho
from: The Rough Guide to the Music of Nigeria and Ghana (various artists)

3.  Liz Green – Louis
from: O, Devotion!

4.  The Reggae Boys – Selassie
from: Scratch The Upsetter Again

5.  Baby Bird – The Jesus Stag Night Club
from: The Pleasures of Self Destruction

6.  David ‘Fathead’ Newman – Concrete Jungle
from: Clifton’s Corner Volume 4: From Soul Jazz to Soul Funk (various artists)

7.  The Specials – Concrete Jungle
from: Specials

8.  The Bosstones – Mope-Itty Moope
from: Lux & Ivy’s Favourites Volume 2 (various artists)

9.  Kris Kristofferson – Son of A Scroundrel
from: Ned Kelly Motion Picture Original Soundtrack (various artists)

10.  Oz Kiezos – Comboio
from: Aquarium Drunkard Presents Ghost Capital (various artists)

11.  Lori Burton – Nightmare
from: Breakout

12.  Regina Spektor – The Calculation
from: Far

13.  Speech Debelle – The Key
from: Speech Therapy

14.  Little Richard – I Don’t Want To Discuss It
from: The Northern Soul Story Volume 2: The Golden Torch (various artists)


Selection Box Show 209 (listen here)
Transmitted 23/1/2012

1.  Desmond Dekker & The Aces – Archie Wah Wah
from: The Best of Desmond Dekker

2.  Hookworms – Teen Dreams
from: Hookworms EP

3.  Harry Roy & His Orchestra – Okay Toots
from: Are You Listening?

4.  Sebastien Tellier – Sexual Sportswear
from: Sexuality

5.  Storey Sisters – Bad Motorcycle
from: Lux & Ivy’s Favourites Volume 2 (various artists)

6.  Demon Boys – Recognition
from: Recognition

7.  The Divine Comedy – Someone
from: A Short Album About Love

8.  UT – Sham Shack
from: UT EP

9.  Dickie Thompson – 13 Women And Only One Man
from: Mambo 3: Jungle Dreams (various artists)

10.  Dead Trees – Rayna
from: Whatwave

11.  Nancy Wallace – I Live Not Where I Love
from: Old Stories

12.  Metronomy – We Broke Free
from: The English Riviera

Etta James: 1938 - 2012


Selection Box Show 210 (listen here)
Transmitted 30/1/2012

1.  Etta James – Tell Mama
from: The Chess Story 1965 – 1975 (various artists)

2.  Twin Sister – Kimmi In A Rice Field
from: In Heaven

3.  Daniel Moore - May 16, 1975
from: Daniel Moore

4.  Crystal Stilts – Alien Rivers
from: In Love With Oblivion

5.  Adolf Hofner - Cotton-Eyed Joe
from: Blues Ramblers: The Essential Masters (various artists)

6.  The Rustix - Feelin’ Alright
from: Aquarium Drunkard Presents DJ Soft Touch (various artists)

7.  Stranger & Ken - Revelation
from: The Rough Guide To Ska (various artists)

8.  Goldfrapp – Black Cherry
from: Black Cherry

9.  Polina Shepherd Vocal Experience featuring Quartet Ashkenzim - A Nigndl
from: Baym Taykh

10.  Sam & Dave - I Thank You
from: Trick Or Treat Volume 7 (various artists)

11.  October Country - My Girlfriend Is A Witch
from: Trick Or Treat Volume 7 (various artists)

12.  Dion - Now
from: Wonder Where I’m Bound

13.  Nancy Kerr & James Fagan - Locks & Bolts
from: Strands of Gold

14.  The Buff Medways - Archive From 1959
from: My First Billy Childish Album


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