When Big Joan Sets Up 8/10/09 – Passion before Professionalism

The most recent installment of When Big Joan Sets Up saw us fully taking advantage of our nightime slot with records about about what my grandma calls “downstairs business”, records with pointlessly complicated titles, me proving unable to say “Napalm Enema” with lapsing into gibberish , Abba songs in Hindi,and a man with the enviable name of Earl Worthington the Third.

The tracklist which scarcely does justice to how excellent the music was, or how hamfisted my presenting skills are, looks like this:

Deep Street Soul featuring Tia Hunter – “Kick Out The Jams” (7″) (Freestyle)
The Ladies – “Dirty Pictures of Your Mother” (EP- “Hole Sailor”) (NoWay/Black Lung)
Fy Fan – “Kleptokrat Moderat” (EP- “Ah Neji”) (No Way)
Earlyworm – ” The Nile Dread” (EP- “Dub King Killah”) (Voltage)
Hornet Leg – “Wait” (LP- “Ribbon of Fear”) (K)
Acid Elf – “Labby Darkno” (LP- “C-Lab”) (Napalm Enema)
Fairport Convention – “Matty Groves” (LP – “Leige and Lief”) (Island)
Broadcast and the Focus Group – “Make My Sleep His Song” (LP – “Broadcast and the Focus Group Investgate Witch Cults of the Radio Age”) (Warp)
The Archangel – “God is a Retard (Or: Freedom of Choice (Or: God is a Retard))” (LP – “Malachi”) (Celestial Conspiracy)
Morrissey- ” The Never Played Symphonies” (LP – “Swords”) (Polydor)
Horace Andy and Alpha – “Declaration of Rights” (LP – “Two Phazed People”) (Don’t Touch)
DJ Muante – “The Name of the Game” (V/A- EP – “Negative Connections”) (Headfuck)
Salma and Sabina – “Mitha Maze Dar (Dancing Queen)” (Cassette – “Salma and Sabina Sing the hits of Abba in Hindi”) (from www.aprilwinchell.com)
Amusement Parks On Fire – “Motown Ritual” (LP – “Young Fight”) (Filter)
The Gaslamp Killer – “Anything Worse” (EP- “My Troubled Mind”) (Brainfeeder)


2 thoughts on “When Big Joan Sets Up 8/10/09 – Passion before Professionalism

  1. avatarPatrick Selection Box

    Ah, Matty Groves – a veritable folk classic. I was listening to that just yesterday.

    Poor old Lord Donald gets a rough old time of it. I always feel like we’re supposed to be on the side of Matty Groves and Lord Donald’s wife because of their romantic tryst, but that’s hardly fair. The strappard picks up Matty IN A CHURCH, goes home and boffs him and then when Lord Donald find them, not only is he decent enough to let him put his clothes on before starting the fight, he also gives him his best sword and says, “okay, you go first”.

    I’m on Lord Donald’s side, me.

  2. avatarPhil Cope

    If they’d had Jeremy Kyle in the 17th Century , this would have been a good episode. I reckon they’d have made her take a lie detector test and then killed her.

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