Eclectic Mainline 15/2/2012: Another Fine Mess You’ve Got Me Into

Your regular EM host Albert Freeman is off for a few weeks on a mission to save stranded vegan wasps from a concentration camp in deepest Antasia, so myself and the venerable Phil Cope – the Mod Laurel & Hardy – are sitting in for a total of four weeks in return for lurid bodily favours which would make a street girl vomit into an ashtray.

I seem to recall an off-air agreement betwixt your hosts that if I did all the technical hoohah this week, Phillip would do the blogging honours. Ah cannae see the relevant entry*, so I’ve done the honours on his behalf and will make sure to smash all the teeth out of his head as a punishment for reneging on such a deal. It also gives me carte blanche to shove up these compare & contrast images of the two of us – coincedentally taken entirely independent of each other and without prior knowledge of the existence of either, which Phil hates as he thinks it makes him look like a blind Womble.

* Although, in fairness, I took home the tracklisting which might have made it difficult for him, but I must just smash his teeth out anyway for my own amusement.

Here’s the tunes that we poured onto the airwaves like aural soup into your listening ear bowls:


Eclectic Mainline 15 February 2012 (Listen here)

1. Those Darlins – Screws Get Loose
from: Screws Get Loose

2. Lambchop – Gone Tomorrow
from: Mr. M

3. Hookworms – Medicine Cabinet
from: Hookworms EP

4. La Makina Del Karibe – El Maki Man
from: Kosmik Chankleta

5. Cate Le Bon – Falcon Eyed
from: Cyrk

6. Jack White – Machine Gun Silhouette
from: Love Interruption 7″ single

7. EQ Why – Back 2 Dis
from: Let Me See Your Footwork

8. Alabama Shakes – Hold On
from: Boys & Girls

9. Liz Green – Rybka
from: Bad Medicine CD single

10. Metronomy – Corinne
from: The English Riviera

11. Shearwater – Breaking The Waves
from: Animal Joy

12. The Fall – Cosmos 7
from: Ertsatz GB

13. ItalDoesn’t Matter (If You Love Him)
from: Hive Mind


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