Eclectic Mainline 7 March 2012

Albert Freeman, yesterday.

And lo, did I feel the bearded hand of Uncle Travelling Albert on my shoulder, informing me that he was returning from his global jaunt and that my stint in the coveted Electic Mainline chair (a decorative castered sedan with attachable caviar tray) was in its last throes.


Sadly, due to a misunderstanding between himself and a helmeted law enforcement officer regarding a holed-out turnip, a pair of malfunctioning trousers, a series of primal yelps and the back seat of an omnibus, Phil Cope was unable to co-present with me once more and the show progressed as a Thornton-only concern. Contributions to his bail should be sent in the form of cash directly to me in a brown paper envelope and without out a word to the Inland Revenue.

Still, despite the dearth of Cope’s lovely Pontefract brogue there were plenty of terpsichorean treats to fill the programme. Here be the monikers what be done gone given to them as rudimentary identifiers, and meanwhile I’ll scuttle back off to my Midnight griefhole with a chair made out of razorwire. Thanks for having me.

Eclectic Mainline 7 March 2012 (listen again here)

1. PJ Harvey – On Battleship Hill
from: Let England Shake

2. Meta Marie Louise featuring Max and Momo – Gramma’s Flower Pots
from: Sunny Spots

3. Chairlift – Met Before
from: Something

4. Cavacha Bariba – Adiza Claire
from: Le Super Borgou de Parakou (various artists)

5. Kate Walsh – Le Jardiner
from: The Real Thing

6. Band of Skulls – Bruises
from: Sweet Sour

7. Bonobo featuring Andrea Triana and Dels – Eyesdown
from: Black Sands Remixed

8. Joan As Police Woman – Run For Love
from: The Deep Field

9. Robert Ellis – Comin’ Home
from: Photographs

10. Spoek Mathambo featuring Yolanda – Let Them Talk
from: Father Creeper

11. Erik Friedlander – Tabatha
from: Bonebridge

12. Gang Gang Dance – Chinese High
from: Eye Contact


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