Eclectic Mainline playlist 9th May 2012

The album by Flats has been something of a revelation to me.  A revelation partly because I thought the band were new to me, but it turns out they are not.  Phil Cope tells me I played a single of theirs last year, and it turns out he is right.  I played a Flats single  in April 2011, as did Phil, a month earlier.  But mainly the Flats album is a revelation because it’s bloody brilliant.  You can hear Moonwalk, the tune I played tonight, on Soundcloud. (embedding seems to have been disabled – dear One Little Indian, please enable embedding on this wonderful tune)

A tune that Domino have enabled embedding for is this wonderful song from the new album by The Magnetic Fields:

The Magnetic Fields – Quick! by DominoRecordCo

Another tune I can include here for you is that by From The Mouth Of The Sun.  I’ve said this a few times over the past year or so, but I’ll say it again.   If I could change my own style of music to any other style, this is what I’d like to sound like:

If you want to listen again to the show, you’ll find it over here.  And here’s a list of all the tunes I played:

Flats – “Moonwalk” (LP – “Better Living”) (Sweat Shop)
Sweet Lights – “Endless Town” (LP – “Sweet Lights”) (Highline)
Amon Tobin – “Carl The Gift – Hard Run (Chase Scene Test)” (Amon Tobin box set)
(Ninja Tune)Lightships – “Silver and Gold” (LP – “Electric Cable”) (Geographic)
From The Mouth Of The Sun – “Like Shadows In An Empty Cathedral” (LP – “Woven Tide”) (Experimedia)
Odonis Odonis – “Busted Lip” (single) (Fat Cat)
The Cornshed Sisters – “Dresden” (single and LP – “Tell Tales”) (Memphis Industries)
Zea & Xavier Charles – “Borgeous Blues” (7″ single) (Makkum)
The Magnetic Fields – “Quick!” (LP – “Love At The Bottom Of The Sea”) (Domino)
Euros Childs – “Spin That Girl Around” (single) (National Elf)
Franck Vigrous – “Death In Paris” “(LP – “We (Nous Autres)” (D’Autres Cordes)
Japandroids – “The House That Heaven Built” (single) (Polyvinyl)
Husky – “Tidal Wave” (LP – “Forever So”) (Sub Pop)
The Nightingales – “Real Gone Daddy” (LP – “No Love Lost”) (Cooking Vinyl)
Don Preston – “Analog Heaven #5” (LP – “Filters, Oscillators & Envelopes 1967-82”) (Sub Rosa)