Eclectic Mainline 10th October 2012

If you have been listening to BCB and/or following this blog over the past year, you’ll know that we are quite keen on Those Darlins. Patrick banged on about their last album, as did Laura. Well, Those Darlins didn’t rest on their proverbial laurels, and have a new, seasonal single:

Another tune I played tonight is this one by JJ Doom:

If you wish to listen back to the whole show, seek and you will find.

Here’s tonight’s playlist:
Atoms For Peace – “Default” (XL)
Matthew Bourne – “Within” (LP – “Montauk Variations”) (Leaf)
Moon Duo – “Trails” (LP – “Circles”)
JJ Doom – “Guv’nor” (single b/w “Rhymin Slang” and LP – “Key To The Kuffs”) (Lex)
Those Darlins – “Summer’s Dead” (single) (Oh Wow Dang)
Actress – “Shadown From Tartarus” (LP – “R.I.P.”) (Honest Jons)
Tame Impala – “Nothing Has Happened So Far…” (LP – “Lonerism”)
DJ Stingray – “Fullbodyscan” (EP- “Psyops For Dummies”) (Presto!?)
Why? – “Bitter Thoughts” (LP – “Mumps, etc.”) (City Slang)
Melt Yourself Down – “We Are Enough” (single) (Leaf)
Flying Lotus – “Me Yesterday//Corded” (LP – “Until The Quiet Comes”) (Warp)
The Jim Jones Revue – “It’s Gotta Be About Me” (single and LP – “The Savage Heart”) (Play It Again Sam/Punk Rock Blues”)
Chris Brokaw – “Richard And Vanessa In The Box” (LP – “Gambler’s Ecstacy”) (Damnably)