Selection Box Show 247: No Wowee for Bowie

Ol' blue eye is back.

Quite frankly, I find it hard to criticise David Bowie in any way. As I outlined last year in my 65th birthday love letter to him, even the dreadful offerings of Tin Machine and the Tonight album serve a vital public service in making us all feel a bit less inadequate that we are not David Bowie and he is.  However, I am mildly miffed that His Nibs Jones saw fit to release his first single (though not strictly his first new material as the popular press seem intent on telling us) in 10 years a mere 10 hours after I had recorded this week’s show – the first in the new time slot of 9pm on a Wednesday – therefore leaving my hour’s offering notably shy of Where Are We Now.  He could have told me first.  Thanks a bundle, Dave – and I call you Dave knowing full well that you don’t like people calling you Dave, just as I come out in hives whenever anyone refers to me as “Pat”.  Eugh.


Show up at Glastonbury in June and I’ll consider letting you off.  And indeed I’ll call you “David” again.

For those of you still stuck with your head in an ignorance bucket, here’s Bowie’s rather lovely comeback offering:

And here’s the Bowieless playlist for this week’s show:

Selection Box Show 247 (Listen Again here)


Transmitted 09/01/2013

1. Television – Marquee Moon
from: Marquee Moon

2. Otis Rush – Homework
from: Black History: American Blues Classics (various artists)

3. Rennie Pilgrem Presents Thursday Club featuring Anthea – Somewhere
from: Y3K> Deep Progressive Beats (various artists)

4. Soul Dendi – Hanoubiangabou
from: Le Super Bourgou de Parakou (various artists)

5. Broadcast – Hammer Without A Master
from: Black Session, Paris (5/4/2000)

6. Parno Graszt – Odi Phenel Cino Savo / Ast Mondja A Kiffiam
from: Rávágok A Zongorára

7. Beth Orton – Mystery
from: Sugaring Season

8. Braintax – Syriana Style
from: Panorama

9. Mobile Strugglers – Memphis Blues
from: Western Swing Roots 3: Jug / Washboard Bands (various artists)

10. Prince Fatty featuring Hollie Cook – And The Beat Goes On Dub
from: Prince Fatty Presents Hollie Cook In Dub

11. Moulettes – Circle Song
from: The Bear’s Revenge


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