Selection Box Show 249: Kris mass time

Nothing says Folk more than a set of welding goggles

Last Wednesday was a good evening for Kris Drever.  At virtually the same moment he was stood on stage, towering over his Lau bandmates Martin Green and Aidan O’Rourke as they picked up the Radio 2 Folk Award for Band of the Year, he was also treated to an even more thrilling achievement in that his solo recording of Harvest Gypsies, from the album Blackwater, was the opening track to Selection Box.  I dare say that life will never quite be so exciting for him again.

I did suffix the track by saying that it was one of my favourite records of the last five years, then suggested that it may well be older than that. In doing so I have made myself right and wrong simultaneously as it is in fact an astonishing 7 years since said offering was released.  No matter, though, because I’ll just readjust my hypothetical lists and declare that it is one of the best records of the last seven years.

Because it is.



Selection Box Show 249 (Listen Again here)

Transmitted 30/1/2013

1. Kris Drever – Harvest Gypsies
from: Blackwater

2. John Grant – Pale Green Ghosts
from: Pale Green Ghosts

3. Unknown artist – Oun Rognea Dul Chung Knong
from: Aquarium Drunkard Presents Dengue Fever (various artists)

4. Besnard Lakes – People Of The Sticks
from: Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO

5. Julia Holter – Boy In The Moon
from: Ekstatis

6. Wave Machines – I Hold Loneliness
from: Pollen

7. Freddy Slack & His Orchestra – Mr Freddie’s Boogie
from: Bands That Can Boogie Woogie (various artists)

8. Pulp – After You
from: single release

9. Mary Love – Baby I’ll Come
from: Soul ‘n’ Moody, Black & Bluesy (various artists)

10. Beryl Bryden’s Backroom Skiffle – Rock Me
from: Heroes of Skiffle (various artists)

11. Rachael Zeffira – Here On In
from: The Deserters

12. Nick Cave – Jubilee Street
from: Push The Sky Away


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