Selection Box Show 250: Tube Wave Harm Me

As many a dull, spawn-of-their-loins-obsessed parent will tell you, having a child can present a different perspective on the ways in which the World works from time to time. This has a peculiar way of manifesting itself now and again, such as, just for example, discovering that those irritating adverts on YouTube can serve a genuinely beneficial sociological function.

Of course it serves us ruddy well right for trying to watch something for nothing that we have to sit through up to a whole five seconds of an advertisement before we can view whatever 5-minute load of pelt we’re wanting to stream, but this does not stop us finding the 8%-of-a-minute commercial for arse hair removal something of an irritant. However, when your choice of viewing is an episode of Fireman Sam, selected by your 3 year old son, and the advert is for the new album by Villagers there is clearly something of a benefit to them. This is particularly true when 24 hours later said child expects to see the same advert again and asks for it, and then spends much of the week singing Villagers around the house.

Thus it was that we added Villagers to the list of Good Things that he has now shown a genuine postive interest in, which includes Talking Heads, Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers, Spirit of Eden period Talk Talk and Diana Rigg-era episodes of The Avengers. Parenting isn’t a competition, but I’ve definitely won.

Enough of this Look At Me I Procreated guff, here’s what I went and gone done played this week:


Selection Box Show 250 (listen again HERE)

Transmitted 6/2/2013


1. Villagers – The Waves
from: {Awayland}

2. The Lightcrust Doughboys – Pussy, Pussy, Pussy
from: Hillybilly Fever! Volume 1 Legends of Western Swing (various artists)

3. Submotion Orchestra – Thinking
from: Fragments

4. Max Roach – Motherless Child
from: Lift Every Voice & Sing

5. Carmen González & Koral Y Esmerelda – Andarele
from: Anderele

6. Ian Skelly – Nickel And A Dime
from: Cut From A Star

7. Wilko Johnson – Down By The Waterside
from: The Best of Wilko Johnson Volume 2

8. T. Power – Kool & Deadly
from: Y3K Deep Progressive Beats (various artists)

9. Izzi Dunn – Visions
from: Visions EP

10. Johnny Macrae – Betty Boop
from: It Came From The Suburbs: Rare Teen Rock From The Kennedy Era (various artists)

11. Liars – No. 1 Against The Rush
from: WIXIW

12. Naomi Adams – Woman of Samaria
from: Rough Guide to Ska (various artists)

13. Parquet Courts – Borrowed Time
from: Light Up Gold


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