Selection Box Show 251: Hang The DJ

Click ting stamps.

Ugh. Every now and again a show ends up being an unmitigated disaster for no readily apparent reason. The brain fails in basic cogent thought and even when there is a flicker of something approaching intelligent air-filler the lip-enhanced hole in the middle of my face fails to express this appropriately and it just comes out as bibblebibblebibblebibblebibblebibblebibble.

Sadly, this week’s Selection Box was one such show. I can only apologise. Oh, and boil my neck in pot of heated fat as a form of self-flaggelation.

Thankfully there was the usual helping of delicious musical morcels to punctuate the flailing jibbering idiot, including a Thanking Your Kind Indulgence from Kraftwerk – who completed their residency at Tate Modern this week. What better antidote to an incoherent disc jockey could there be than a 7-minute display of minimalist German efficiency.

Here be the full playlist. I’m off to cry big wet tears until next week’s show.


Selection Box Show 251 (Listen again HERE)

Transmitted 13/02/2013


1. My Bloody Valentine – In Another Way
from: MBV

2. Bob & Lucille – Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Mo
from: Good Girls Gone Bad (various artists)

3. The Soft Hills – Dr. Mr Moonlight
from: Chromatisms

4. Kraftwerk – The Hall of Mirrors
from: Trans Europe Express

5. Hank Penny & His Radio Cowboys – Won’t You Ride In My Little Red Wagon
from: Crazy Rhythm: The Standard Transcriptions

6. Woodkid – Iron
from: The Golden Age

7. Walter Carlos – Title Music From A Clockwork Orange (From Henry Purcell’s The Funeral of Queen Mary)
from: A Clockwork Orange soundtrack

8. Wess & The Airedales – Blackout
from: Aquarium Drunkard Presents DJ Soft Touch (various artists)

9. Edwin Bonilla Y Jesus El Nino Perez – Angoa
from: Tirando Pa Charanga

10. Paul Ngozi – In The Ghetto
from: The Ghetto

11. Mr Vast – In Terms Of Ease & Speed
from: Grievous Bodily Charm

12. Fotheringay – The Sea
from: Fotheringay


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