Eclectic Mainline 20th March 2013

New music in tonight’s show included The Leisure Society:


…and Autumns:

You can listen back to the whole show if you desire, and here be the full playlist:

The Leisure Society – ‘Fight For Everyone’ (single)
Autechre – ‘spl9’ (LP – Exai) (Warp)
Wolf People – ‘All Returns’ (single and LP – Fain) (Jagjaguwar)
Gintas K – ‘Niekovv’ (LP – Slow) (Baskaru)
Kurt Vile -‘Airbud’ (single)
Marika Hackman – ‘Bath Is Black’ (mini-LP – That Iron Taste) (Dirty Hit)
!!! – ‘Slyd’ (single and LP – Th!!!er) (Warp)
The Box Tops – ‘The Letter’ (single) (Mala)
The Physics House Band – ‘Titan’ (single)
Karl Bartos – ‘Rhythmus’ (LP – Off The Record) (Bureau B)
Casual Sex – ‘Stroh “80”‘ (single) (Moshi Moshi Singles Club)
Serph – ‘Twiste’ (LP – El Esperanka) (Noble)
Autumns – ‘Keep On Sinking’ (demo) (Fat Cat)
Lapalux – ‘Swallowing Smoke’ (LP – Nostalchic) (Brainfeeder)