Eclectic Mainline 5th June 2013

New tunes in tonight’s show included:

… Boards Of Canada:

… and from Daniel Johnston’s new album, Eleanor Friedberger:

You will find the full show on the BCB Listen Again service. Here is the playlist:

Melt Yourself Down – ‘Fix My Life’ (LP – Melt Yourself Down) (The Leaf Label)
Mick Harvey – ‘Praise The Earth (An Ephemeral Play)’ (LP – Four (Acts Of Love)) (Mute)
Kid A – ‘BB Bleu’ (single) (Technicolour)
Kurt Vile – ‘Never Run Away’ (single) (Matador)
Austra – ‘Home’ (single) (Domino)
Sigur Ros – ‘Isjaki’ (single) (XL)
Mark Mulcahy – ‘Let The Fireflies Fly Away’ (LP – Dear Mark J. Mulcahy, I Love You) (Fire)
Boards Of Canada – ‘Reach For The Dead’ (LP – Tomorrow’s Harvest) (Warp)
Neil McSweeney – ‘The Seventeen’ (The Seventeen EP) (self-released)
Lower Plenty – ‘Nullarbor’ (single and LP – ‘Hard Rubbish’) (Fire)
Alexandria – ‘Secret Beach’ (Fat Cat demo)
Siôn Russell Jones – ‘So Long’ (EP – So Long) (Sarj)
Eleanor Friedberger – ‘Come Down’ (Daniel Johnston LP – Space Ducks) (Feraltone)
Vampire Weekend – ‘Ya Hey’ (LP – Modern Vampires Of The City) (XL)