When Big Joan Sets Up 21st November – Ted Who?

A double header of featured LP’s on this week’s programme. Three from Luciano‘s new one and just over a third of our running time gratefully given up for a 23 and a half minute cascade of six stringed aceness from Cian Nugent and the Cosmos. But starting us off this week the undoubted single of this (or any other) year…

Girl One and The Grease Guns – “(Here Come The) Catastrophe Machines” (7″) (Squirrel)
The Reveliers – “Patch” (V/A LP – “Long Lost Honkers and Twangers”) (Ace)
Laurel Halo – “Thrax” (LP – “Chance of Rain”) (Hyperdub)
Mary Schneider – “Yodelling Overtures” (LP – “Yodelling The Classics”) (Koch)
Luciano – “Don’t Sell Out” (LP – “The Qabalah Man”) (AL.TA.FA.AN)
Luciano – “Weapons Of War” (LP – “The Qabalah Man”) (AL.TA.FA.AN)
Luciano feat U-Roy and Ziggi Ricardo – “Organize” (LP – “The Qabalah Man”) (AL.TA.FA.AN)
Cian Nugent and The Cosmos – “Houses of Parliament” (LP “Born with the Caul”) (No Quarter)
Ital Tek – “Jupiter Ascent” (EP – “Control”) (Planet Mu)