When Big Joan Sets Up 5th December – Camber Angle

Songs and stories from the final (for now) ATP Festival at Camber Sands plus three from the excellent Sleaford Mods LP “Austerity Dogs” and the greatest record The Fall never made.

Althea and Donna – “Loco Negril” (V/A LP – “Roaring Lion – 16 Untamed Black Ark Masters and Dubplates”) (Pressure Sounds)
Thoughtforms – “Only Hollow” (LP – “Ghost Mountain”) (Invada)
James The Fang and Serious Sam Barrett – “Birmingham Jail” (LP – “North Country Steed”) (YaDig)
Sleaford Mods – “McFlurry” (LP – “Austerity Dogs”) (Self Released)
Dom and Roland – “Unofficial Jah” (12″) (Metalheadz)
Eaux – “Hold On” (EP “i”) (Morning Ritual)
The Container Drivers – “The Ex-Members Of The Fall Club” (V/A LP – “Perverted By Mark E”) (ZickZack)
Esper Scout – “Wallet Of Brass Crowns” (EP – “Poet Curses”) (Self Released)
Sleaford Mods – “Shitstreet” (LP – “Austerity Dogs”) (Self Released)
Junior Murvin – “I Was Appointed” (LP – “Police and Thieves”) (Island)
Dawn Hunger – “Billowed Wind” (12″) (Mourning Joy)
Mary Schneider – “Post Horn Gallop Yodel” (LP – “Yodelling The Classics Volume 2”) (Koch)
Sleaford Mods – “Don’t Wanna Disco Or 2” (LP – “Austerity Dogs”) (Self Released)
J:Kenzo – “TVR” (12″) (Tempa)