When Big Joan Sets Up 12th December – Spring Forward – The Fall are Back!

This week, three tracks from the gods that men call The Fall and their new EP “The Remainderer” More tracks were planned but more important things took precedence…

Tabu Ley Rochereau and M’Bilia Bel feat. L’Orchestra Afrisa – “Sisi Mandela” (LP – “Nelson Mandela”) (TCK)
Pinch and Sherwood – “Music Killer” (12″) (On-U-Sound)
Kabaka Pyramid – “No Cliché” (LP – “Lead The Way”) (Bebble Rock)
Josephine Foster – “This Is Where The Dreams Head,Maude” (LP – “I’m A Dreamer”) (Fire)
AGF – “The Generations 1” (LP -“Kuuntele”) (AGF Productions)
Throat – “New Pest” (LP – “Manhole”) (Kaos Kontrol/At War With False Noise/Made In Kansas/Rejuvination Records)
Alphatec 5 and Corevax – “Music Please” (Download EP – “Stupid Commando”) (Smiley Tunes Digital)
The Fall – “Amorator!” (EP – “The Remainderer”) (Cherry Red)
The Fall – “Mister Rode” (EP – “The Remainderer”) (Cherry Red)
The Fall – “Remembrance R” (EP – “The Remainderer”) (Cherry Red)
Lord Buckley – “Subconcious Mind” (LP – “Buckley’s Best Live”) (Liberty)
Visionist – “Secrets” (12″) (RAMP Recordings)
Macka B – “Proud of Mandela” (LP – “Natural Suntan”) (Ariwa)