When Big Joan Sets Up 2nd May – Let There Be Light

Three from the long awaited new LP from the magnificent Horrors “Luminous” this week plus a tune from the late DJ Rashad who in a musical climate welded ever more desperately to the forms of the last century made records that brought us things that we’d never heard before and therefore belongs in the same company as the Beefhearts,Mark E Smiths and King Tubbys of the world. He’ll be missed. RIP.

When Big Joan Sets Up 2nd May – The Horrors by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Broncho – “It’s On” (7″) (CQ)
Canadian Winter – “Get The Show On The Road” (LP – “The Snowball Effect”) (Urbnet)
Don Fe – “Jericho” (12″) (Steppas)
The Horrors – “In and Out Of Sight” (LP – “Luminous”) (XL)
DJ Rashad – “Rollin’ (EP – “Rollin’) (Hyperdub)
Limewax – “Various Castrations” (12″) (Yellow Stripe)
Phil Cockerham – “I’m So Happy I’m A Banker” (LP – “Waiting For The Age Of Reason”) (Self Released)
Chain and The Gang – “Devitalize” (LP – “Minimum Rock’N’Roll”) (Fortuna Pop)
Santo and Johnny – “Sleepwalk” (LP – “Santo and Johnny”) (Canadian-American)
The Horrors – “Sleepwalk” (LP – “Luminous”) (XL)
Sleaford Mods – “A Little Ditty” (LP – “Divide And Exit”) (Harbinger Sound)
IZC – “Zig Zag” (12″) (disko404)
Girl One and The Greaseguns – “Veronica” (EP – “No Longer Spellbound”) (Squirrel)
Soul Syndicate – “Prepare Jah Man Version” (7″) (Wackies)
The Horrors – “Falling Star” (LP – “Luminous”) (XL)
Defrag – “Stilt Walkers” (LP – “Drown”) (Hymen)