When Big Joan Sets Up 4th July – The Greatest Gift That I Possess..

Due to the squares at FIFA turning down my request to move the World Cup quarter finals this week’s programme was broadcast to an audience of three people and a budgerigar in Heaton. Good job then that it’s manyfold thrills, which included three tracks from the belting debut LP by Happyness ,are preserved here for you to throb rhythmically to in the privacy of your own dwellings. P.S. Mr Blatter, if you’re reading this, I want that tenner back.

When Big Joan Sets Up 4th July – Happyness by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Puff – “Diese Stadt Ist Viel Zu Dreckig Für Mein Baby Baby Baby Baby” (EP – “Identitatsverlust”) (Hozac)
Gene Pitney – “Bliebe Bei Mir (Town Without Pity)” (V/A LP – “Echoes of Germany”) (Fantastic Voyage)
Piledriver – “Voor,Vaif,Sicks,Common and Taste My Kicks” (Download EP – “Taste My Kicks”) (GGM)
Culture – “Can’t Study The Rastaman” (7″) (Virgin/Front Line)
Comet Gain – “The Last Love Letter” (LP – “Paperback Ghosts”) (Fortuna Pop)
The Secret Sisters – “Let There Be Lonely” (LP – “Put Your Needle Down”) (Republic)
Kreidler – “Modul” (LP – “ABC”) (Bureau B)
Wen and Parris – “Caught” (12″) (Tempa)
Trap Them – “Habitland” (LP – “Blissfucker”) (Prosthetic)
Happyness – “Baby Jesus (Jelly Boy)” (LP – “Weird Little Birthday”) (Weird Smiling)
Happyness – “Anything I Do Is Alright” (LP – “Weird Little Birthday”) (Weird Smiling)
Happyness – “Monkey In The City” (LP – “Weird Little Birthday”) (Weird Smiling)
Code K – “I Dream” (LP – “Code Kane”) (Ruff Guidance)
Cutty Ranks – “I Don’t Believe It” (Download) (Necessary Mayhem)
Bo Ningen – “Maki Modoshi” (LP – “III”) (Stolen)