Leeds Festival Sunday – Cat Fight

The problem with writing on a blog is that your own personal opinions and convictions take hold; you start to believe your word is the law. Just give me a soap box, it’s already happened with the following article. So I must stress these are just my personal thoughts and musings, and that does mean they’re correct; it’s just you might hear other peoples ‘incorrect’ accounts elsewhere.

So I want to talk first about the two female solo acts of the day – Little boots and the much talked about Florence And Th Machine - and explain why one works and one…humm does not (that’s them opinions I was talking about).

Little boots was first, weith the her very “in trend” electo sounds and delivery. The crowd seemed pleased but the whole act felt a little muted; forced perhaps. Like the the decision was to take the trendy sound of the day and reverse engineer the act to fit. From the clothing to the quirky hand held synth played through out the act. Towards the end of the set “Victoria Christina Hesketh” pulled her brother on who proceded to perform some Bev style tambourine act because it was his birthday. To top even this odd event Boots pulled on the whole darn family, friends and there WAGs it seems for the last song, to stand giggling like children at the prospect of being on stage; while I stood scratching my head at the fact they were on stage at all. I don’t think the rest of the crowd seemed to mind, but quite frankly I did. Boots should go back and finish was she started with the wonderful dead disco, but alas this will not happen

On the other hand I watched Florence And The Machine. A act that seems to be verrrrrrrrrry hyped at the moment. More so than any other act here I would probably say, with debut album Lungs being recently released. I was previously a sceptic of this act thinking it was another case of the Florence And the Hype Machine but after watching the performance there was a genuine authenticity to the music that I had not heard in the recorded versions. The delivery was controlled and energetic and this did not feel contrived. The whole set had a rather surreal edge to it given that the Radio 1 / NME tent had decided to spring a leek right over the the poor drummer (who kept going). And by leek I mean you could actually see rain falling in. The only disappointment here was the set appeared to be cut short to make time for another act; meaning Rabbit Heart was dropped 🙁

jazz hands

jazz hands

Some more of the day’s highlights include Friendly Fires who filled the tent up in the same manner that Florence had. They deliver on their fantastic sound and played most of there debut album, finishing with hit single Paris. I must comment as well that the lead singer has some fine dance moved up his sleeve.. . The Horrors played a lot of material off there new album with its slightly more electronic influenced sound (seems like everyone loves those syths at the moment). It’s also fun to watch them boys potter around on their matchstick legs.

Also well worth “a sniff” is The Airborn Toxic Event (see what I did there?). I think everyone knows their stuff now but they have a bloody good live act.  Between each song it seems that each member of the group changes position and then they kick off again on different instruments. It’s a very exciting experience to watch, they come highly recommend. I will do a bit of a radar review when we return to the studio about some of the more interesting acts that have been on at the BBC Introducing stage.

Weekend Vibe have been interviewing away like some interviewing scatter cannon and grabbing anyone they can in the press area. More details soon but they got themselves in Funeral For A Friend’s trailer for a quick chat. No iPhone (see previous post) so no photos or boo, sorry kids (have to wait until we return for photos).

Also I am not quite sure but this black dirt keeps appearing under my finger nails. what’s that about? Kaiser Chiefs just stopped playing as i finished this message.


2 thoughts on “Leeds Festival Sunday – Cat Fight

  1. avatarPatrick Selection Box

    The, “let’s bring the family on” routine does seem rather rum, but I caught the back end of Little Boots’ set at Glastonbury with no preconceptions whatsoever and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve since heard a few bits of sessions and stuff and thought it really very good.

    Interesting to read your thoughts on Florence & The Machine, because I’ve been underwhelmed by the album somewhat and can’t see what the fuss is about. It seems to be many people’s tip for the Mercury Music Prize this year, so I thought I was keen to give it a whirl, but I think that a good deal of it is all a bit fur coat-no-knickers.

  2. avatarAlbert

    I’ve only actually hear the F&TM album once, and couldn’t make a judgement from that, but I did think last year she had a couple of good singles and that the album would be worth hearing. However, I’m flabbaghasted what a difference there is with the hype now she’s on Island as opposed to Moshi Moshi, the label that released last year’s singles.

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