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Ten Years After – Songs from 2004 & 2014! Going North from Nashville, Monday 28th July, 10-11pm

John & Sue present a selection of tracks from albums 10 years apart, begining with a ‘favorite’ album of 2014…..
1. The Felice Brothers: Lion, from Favorite Waitress, 2014
2. Sufjan Stevens: To be Alone with You, from an early Sufjan offering, 2004’s Seven Swans…..then, bringing us back to the present…
3. Roddy Hart & The Lonesome Fires: High Hopes, which features on the band’s eponymous, 2014, debut album……..next, back in time with……..
4. The Indigo Girls: Fil lit up Again, from All That We Let In, 2004
5. Frank Turner: Sweet Albion Blues, from 2014’s Polariod Picture Ep
6. The Lone Bellow: Bleeding Out, featured on their eponymous 2014 album……..back in time for our Dylan/Cohen slot
7. Jennifer Warnes: Sign on the Window, from 2004’s album of country covers, Dylan Country
8. Leonard Cohen: Go No More a Rovin…..Leonard’s cover of a traditional song, from 2004’s Dear Heather
9. Nick Cave: Breathless, from The Lyre of Orpheus, released in 2004 alongside Abattoir Blues……back up to date with…..
10. Beck: Say Goodbye, from Morning Phase, 2014
11. Jack White: Temprary Ground, as featured on his 2014 album, Lazaretto
12. Jon Allen: Hummingbird Blues, from 2014’s Deep River
13. Ethan Johns: You Changed, another 2014 track from Ethan’s The Reckoning……going back in time with…
14. Micah P Hinson: Close Your Eyes, from Micah P Hinson & the Gospel of Progress, 2004….we bring the show to a close with ….
15. REM: Final Straw, from their 2004 album Around The Sun

Been a while.

Hey music blog…tis been a little while since I checked in. In all honestly I have been busy getting the brand new BCB website ready to go, so have not had much time to get on the blogging…Will be giving this little thing a face lift in a few weeks as well with any luck.

Anyway, I thought I would draw people’s attention to some rather sick albums that are doing the rounds. Why might you not have listened to them? Because they’re movie sound tracks.

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Radio Buffet #14

Bloody Nora, Emma Bob 3 left me with a major earworm when we recorded this show – Starship perforated my brain for a couple of days, and it wasn’t pleasant, as that bass sound is particularly offensive to me. Hope you weren’t left with the same problem.

Plus I would like to apologise for my totally inaccurate description of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, as it’s seven deadly exes, not ex-boyfriends. Huge blunder, sorry.

And soz for running out of time and playing a mere millisecond of Dam Mantle’s Rebong – next month, listeners! But enough of apologies as there was also plenty of aceness! So here’s what we did play…

Theme from Crossroads
Colourmusic – Yes
Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made for Walkin’
Marnie Stern – For Ash
Sky Larkin – Still Windmills
ELO – Mr Blue Sky
Crash and the Boys – I’m So Sad, So Very, Very Sad
Crash and the Boys – We Hate You Please Die
Rufus Thomas – Itch and Scratch
The Crayonettes – Hopscotch
Sailor – Girls Girls Girls
Sweet Baboo – Wish I Was Made Out of Steel
Beck – Ramona
The Selecter – On My Radio
50FootWave – Clara Bow
Starship – We Built This City

NEXT MONTH! Radio Buffet is one year old, plus it’s Emma Bob 3’s birthday, so we are celebrating! Jenny Jet, Little Spads and The Bet Lynch Mob will be joining us in the studio – so flippin exciting! Join us on Saturday 6th November.

We love you.


Looking back…still

While we’re still gazing back over the past decade (just), here’s a reminder of the previous four Christmas Countdowns – our pick of Bradford Beat’s favourite 20 tracks of the year – going back to 2005.

It’s nice to see some bands have become almost regulars – The Lodger, Roger Davies and The Futureheads among those appearing more than once.

But whatever happened to The Old House? Or AFS?

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