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Happy Kistchmas!

Have you cracked open the Sufjan Stevens box set yet? Or perhaps you’re more of a die hard Slade fan? Well, which ever way you swing, the supermarkets and bus stations have been churning out Christmas music for weeks now. This means the chart battle for Christmas No.1 has begun (yes, the charts still exist, even though TOTP ended years ago) and the kitsch-fest has kicked off.

This year I’m backing 50 Sniffs – I even paid to download Credit Card Christmas (I’m usually very “bah-humbug!” when it comes to iTunes), as all profits are being used to help clean up the mess left by serious floods in my hometown of Boston last week. If you’ve not discovered 50 Sniffs yet, they serve up a fun, affectionate, occasionally crass Bostonian rap parody. I’ve had “Bought a turkey on finance, then I took it round my Nan’s” as an ear-worm for a week now, and it’s cheesy in all the right places. I don’t think anyone expects it to go top ten, but top 40 would be nice!

And if you want to check out some other weird and wonderful Christmas music, have a nosey at my blog – Bloody Nora’s Big Gob.

The Buffet radio show will be bringing you an eclectic Twisted Christmas 2013 review combo on Sunday 29th December at 7pm. But in the meantime, we’ve uploaded one of our old Christmas shows from 2010, which you can listen to here.

Hope your Christmas rocks!

Maria & Team Buffet x

Buffet #15 – we are one

We’ve been putting on a nice spread for a year now, which is why we shared a glass of Babycham with our lovely special guests the Bet Lynch Mob (along with regular guests Jenny Jet and Elias AKA Little Spads). We had a very nice curry afterwards, too.

The thing Em and I probably struggle with most of all making our radio show is doing the maths. We don’t do maths as a rule. So having to work out how much time you’ve got left, and how long your remaining tracks are is quite beyond us, and sometimes results in us introducing a final song only to hear the first 30s seconds of it (which reminds me – Em, we still need to play that Dam Mantle record). Today was slightly different, as we introduced our last track, only to realise we had time to play another. So think of this as a secret track at the end of our mix tape.

Here’s our party playlist:

Geoff Love and his Orchestra – Theme From Star Wars
The Beatles – Birthday
Sleigh Bells – Infinity Guitars
Deerhoof – Basketball Get Your Groove Back
Lifescreen – Opting Out (Betty Boobs’ choice)
The Ruby Suns – Birthday On Mars
Turbo Fruits – Volcano (Betty Bird’s choice)
Blondie – Call me (Betty Bottom’s choice)
McFly – Party Girl
Shirley Bassey – Get The Party Started
Marnie Stern – For Ash
Electric 6 – Gay Bar
Matt Monro – The Party’s Over
Birds and Brass – Chim Chim Cheree

Two thirds of the Bet Lynch Mob (sometimes we can do maths)

Two thirds of the Bet Lynch Mob (sometimes we can do maths)

The Bet Lynch Mob at Bradford Pride 2010