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Eclectic Mainline 20th November 2013

If a single lands in my post pile by a band called September Girls, that single is pretty likely to get played in my programme. That’s how malleable I am. Any band named after a Big Star song is alright by me.

It was also a delight to find a new compilation on Analog Africa awaiting my attention. This week’s programme included this by Quim Manuel O Espírito Santo from Angolia Soundtrack 2:

Also in this week’s programme was this new single by Young Fathers:

You will find the full programme on the BCB Listen Again service. Here is the track list:

September Girls – ‘Heartbeats’ (single) (Fortuna Pop!)
F.S. Blumm – ‘Goldblein’ (LP – Up Up And Astray) (Pingipung)
Young Fathers – ‘Low’ (single) (Big Dada)
Autechre – ‘tac Lacora’ (EP – L-Event) (Warp)
Lyla Fox – ‘Easy’ (single) (Sub Pop)
Mathew Sawyer – ‘Death Is Like A Dream We’ll Have’ (LP – Sleep Dreamt A Brother) (Fire)
Quim Manuel O Espírito Santo – ‘Senhor Doutor’ (Various Artists LP – Angolia Soundtrack 2) (Analog Africa)
Femme – ‘Fever Boy’ (single) (Tape)
Sergio Sorrentino & Machinefabriek – ‘Nebbia Fitta / Dichte Mist’ (LP – Vignettes) (Frattonove)
Ballet School – ‘Ghost’ (Boys Again EP) (Bella Union)
Tom Brosseau – ‘Cradle Your Device’ (single) (Tin Angel)
Ulrich Troyer – ‘Shake Your Knobs’ (LP – Songs For William 2) (4Bit)
Hospitality – ‘Rockets and Jets’ (single) (Fire)
Future Of The Left – ‘Donny Of The Decks’ (LP – How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident) (Prescription)
Tetuzi Akiyama/Tom Carter/Christian Kiefer – ‘Grandmother’s Body’ (LP – The Darkened Mirror) (Monotype)
Keel Her – ‘Don’t Look At Me’ (single) (Critical Heights)

You will find the full programme on the BCB Listen Again service. Here is the track list:

Alex Chilton (1950-2010)

March 2010.  The month I will forever remember as the one when both Mark Linkous and Alex Chilton died.  I didn’t want to have to write about Mark Linkous dying a couple of weeks ago any more than I want to write about Alex Chilton dying now. However, on both occasions, it has been a pleasure to be able to just sit and write about what these people mean(t) to me.

Alex Chilton

Alex Chilton (1950 to 2010)

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Eclectic Mainline 24th March 2010

Big Star

Big Star

My intention earlier today was to write ‘a few words’ about Alex Chilton as part of this blog entry for today’s show. But I have to acknowledge that it actually takes quite a while for Albert to write ‘a few words’ so that will have to wait for a day when I’ve got a bit of time, so for now, here is what I played tonight in my show, including 3 tunes by Big Star, one from each album, in memory of Alex Chilton.

And I can only assume that I must have done quite a bit of talking about Big Star in this show, as I didn’t get to play as many tunes as I sometimes do:

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Evol
Gonjasufi – Kobwebz
Lou Rhodes – One Good Thing
Big Star – The Ballad Of El Goodo (Alternate Lyrics)
Elliott Smith – Roman Candle
To Rococo Rot – Fridays (Shackleton’s West Green Rd remix)
Cate Le Bon – Shoeing The Bones
The Twilight Sad – The Room
Big Star – What’s Going Ahn
Jaga Jazzist – Prognissekongen
Pavement – Grounded
Peter Von Poehl – The Story Of The Impossible (BCB session)
Big Star – You Can’t Have Me
My Albatross – I don’t love you