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When Big Joan Sets Up 1/4/10 – April Fall Day

They're not big and they're not clever

They're not big and they're not clever

Yes, not only is it a crap pun ( incidentally, did you see The One Show tonight? They made Matt Smith off Doctor Who apologise for saying “crap” – he should have told them to fuck off and then apologised) – but it also took me the best part of a day to come up with it, but it does lead me nicely into the momentous event that is the new Fall LP “Our Future, Your Clutter” from which we played three tracks on Wednesday night alongside new stuff from Teenage Fanclub, Billy Childish‘s new project The Vermin Poets and rather too many records with “fucking” in the title.

Adrian and Christine wouldn’t stand for it, you know. The fuckers.

Teenage Fanclub – “Baby Lee” (download from teenagefanclub.com)
Wormrot – “Exterminate” (v/a CD “Fear Candy 79”) (Terrorizer)
Gunjack – “Bring the Change (download) (Shotcallers)
Jimi Hendrix – “Hear My Train A Comin’ (LP – “Valleys Of Neptune”) (Sony)
Kid 606 – “Deep Lid Morgue” (LP – “Songs About Fucking Steve Albini”) (Important)
Big Black – “Columbian Necktie” (LP – “Songs About Fucking”) (Touch and Go)
Jah Roots feat.Jahmeake – “Rocket” (v/a LP – “Hustling Hard Riddim”) (7th Trumpet Productions)
The Fall – “Y.F.O.C./Slippy Floor”
The Fall – “Chino”
The Fall – “Weather Report 2” (all from LP – “Our Future Your Clutter”) (Domino)
The Vermin Poets – “Arthur Was a Gun Runner” (LP – “Poets of England”) (Damaged Goods)
Scott El and Douglas – “Trauma” (download) (Nu Energy Digital)
Thiaz Itch – “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” ( v/a download complation “Movie Ruiners”) (Ego Twisters)