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Leeds Festival Review: Day 2

(Yes, I know, I’m shoving this up on the blog somewhat after the event, but I’m a busy man y’know.  Better late than never…)

Bloody hell, it’s windy.  Either that or someone has got hold of the outside of my tent and is flapping it about like a Killer Whale with a half dead seal.  Maybe it’s them Spam bastards paying me back for nicking their tent pegs.  One thing is certain – the noise it is making has rendered any further sleep impossible without tranquilisers.  I dare say there’s a fair bit of Ketamine washing around the festival site, but personally I’ll give that a miss if it’s all the same to you.

Horse tranquilizers: its a race horse called Horlicks, apparently.

Horse tranquilizers: it's a race horse called Horlicks, apparently.

I am a parent now and hurtling towards middle-age, so 8am is considered an indulgent lie-in anyway, so I get up and go for breakfast – the details of which started the first blog, so we’ll skip over that.  However, before I can go to eat I am refused entry to the festival main area as no one is allowed in until 9am.  Eh, do what?  The festival closes at night?  I thought this was supposed to be a playground of non-stop revelry and no sleep ’til Brooklyn.  Now I find that everyone went to bed before me, tucked up with a cup of Horlicks (other revolting bedtime drinks are available).

It occurs to me that I’ve not really had a proper look around the whole site, so I rectify this.  There’s not a great deal around other than food stands and stalls selling t-shirts with wanky slogans, although I do spot a place which sells ale as opposed to the rather flimsy Tuborg which is the only other beer available onsite.  Sadly, further investigation later in the day reveals the ale to be rather horrid as well. Continue reading

The Blowin Weekly Extra – Thorns of sin, flowers of paradise

Blowin 9-10pm Sunday 22 August 2010
More tunes than time…

Blowin now online at http://blowin.podomatic.com
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“..a really eclectic and refreshing listen.” podcast listener JP

Google meets gravity, and still works


Sina Makossa – a lovely live version with the Soukous Stars

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Festivals ahoy

Next week’s Bradford Beat (Aug 19) will be focusing on this year’s Leeds Festival so expect tracks from the likes of Sunshine Underground, British Sea Power, Dizzee Rascal and Queens of the Stone Age – not to mention Arcade Fire.

Arcade Fire also feature on this week’s show (Aug 12), with two tracks from their new album The Suburbs.

Also on this week’s Bradford Beat are Arcade Fire, Arcade Fire, Yeasayer, Whole Sky Monitor and the Black Keys.

There’ll be a preview of the Bingley Music Live ahead of that event which takes place from September 3-5.

Bradford Beat is on air every Thursday from 8pm – 9pm

Wednesday 21st July – Playlist

So much good music around at the moment – my ears are buzzing with it all!

Mixed up new tunes and played tracks from bands competing to open Bingley Music Live*

Here’s le menu:

Middleman – It’s not over yet
!!! – The most certain sure
Tunng – Don’t look down or back
Jasmine Kennedy* – It used to be true
Health – USA Boys
Korean Interlude – Kinzli & The KiloWatts
Magic Kids – Candy
Sharp Darts* – Chase the sun
John Grant – Chicken Bones
Flying Lotus – Do the astral plane
Pifco – Wet look leggins
The Mexanines* – Give you love
Oasis – Roll with it
Steve Mason – Am I just a man
Secret Sirens* – Black Heart

Send me a message if you’d like to come and be my featured artist or band in session: laura.rawlings@bcbradio.co.uk

And…happy birthday to Patrick T and Selection Box!

Sessions news…

Bingley Music Live final

Bingley Music Live final

Hi folks,

On Wednesday night I’ll be playing music from four more bands competing to open Bingley Music Live in September. It’s the big final competition at St George’s Hall on Saturday 24th so if you want to have a say in who goes through, get yourselves to the gig.

These are the runners and riders:

Jasmine Kennedy, Sharp Darts, The Mexanines, Secrets Sirens, Northern Glory, The Beat Marshalls, Black Diamond Bay and The Dawnriders. Good luck one and all! I’ve been at some of the heats and I can promise you these guys are great.

I’m getting ready to go to WOMAD – very excited already. I’m off to see Rolf Harris for goodness sake! Getting giddy about Horace Andy, Nouvelle Vague Club, Soil & Pimp, Ghislain Poirier, DJ Kentaro…so much good stuff. Promise to play some WOMAD treats on the show over the next few weeks.

Don’t forget, get in touch if you’ve got some tunes you’d like me to play, gigs to plug: laura.rawlings@bcbradio.co.uk
OOh and next week’s session (28th July) comes from Leeds lovelies Pifco!

The BCB Sessions’ playlist 14th July

Here we go…
Part 1 of 2 shows featuring music from bands competing to win a slot at Bingley Music Live!

Playlist – Wed 14 July
Get Cape Wear Cape Fly – Collapsing Cities
Health – Die Slow (Tobacco remix)
Phoenix – Armistice
The Dawnriders* – Gold Rush
Cherry Ghost – Kissing Strangers
The Beat Marshalls* – Best Before
Thomas Fehlmann – fluss im wasser
Caitlin Rose – Piano (t-shirt version)
Patrick Pulsinger – A-Z Radioedit feat. Teresa Rotschopf
Northern Glory* – Check the Nation
Figure 8 – Secrets & Lies
Johnny Flynn – Barnacled Warship
Gotan Project – La Gloria
Black Diamond Bay* – Peace

Let me know who you think should be doing the honours and opening up proceedings…I’ll be playing the four other finallists on next week’s show.


Playlist for Wed 7 July

Hi folks,

Watching the play ‘Dandy in the Underworld’ so it’s a recorded show this week but it’s probably more carefully crafted than usual! Incidently, if you want a memorable, witty and oh so wrong read then ‘Dandy in the Underworld’ by recently deceased Sebastian Horsley is great.

So here’s what’s spinning on the BCB Sessions:

Wed 7 July – playlist

Featured local band: Tiger Shadow

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The BCB Sessions Playlist – 9th September

This week’s band in session is The Luminaries!

Miike Snow – Black and Blue
The Nextmen – Round of Applause
The Luminaries interview
The Luminaries (BCB Session) – Grace O’K
Reverend & the Makers interview
F*ck Buttons – Surf Solar
Broadcast – Tender Buttons
The Luminaries (BCB Session) – OCD
Editors interview
Gig guide
The Futureheads interview
The Luminaries (BCB Session) – Run to Mexico

Bingley Music Live

I have to confess it gives me an extra thrill to stand and watch Bingley Music Live every year. I spent the first 18 years of my life living in and around Bingley and so to come back and stand in Myrtle Park and watch the event grow into a what is becoming a full blown music festival is very exciting, and a little bit surreal.

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Bingley Music Live – fun, fun, fun!

Bingley Music Live 2009! – forget Leeds Fest…

BML’s a fantastic music three day-er in the picturesque setting of Myrtle Park in Bingley (near Bradford).  So many bands were brilliant but  my favourite moments were spent dancing to Editors (proper anthems), Reverend & the Makers (ripping it up and going for it the day after Jon and his now wife got married!) , Calvin Harris (all the kids wearing specs and loving the disco vibe)…seeing Ocean Colour Scene and Top Loader was  great – didn’t realise how many of their tunes I knew!

Also, a big thumbs up to Disco Machine Gun, The Little Black Hearts, Spike Island and vAndal supreMe. They opened the procedings on Saturday and Sunday. Confess I didn’t catch all the sets (busy sticking my nose back on…see video for details) but got great feedback from punters and BCB’s broadcast of DMG & TLBH sets. Know this is a bit daft but felt really excited and happy for all four bands – seeing you go through the competition to get there, the band playoffs in Shipley, into BCB for sessions and then on the big stage – I’m a right softy but a very proud one! Hope something good comes from the opportunity.

I’ve recorded some tasty morcels for you…tune into ‘The BCB Sessions’ this Wednesday night at 9pm to catch interviews with Reverend & the Makers, Editors and The Futureheads. I’ll also pop them up on here for you as soon as I’ve got myself out of big weekender mode and into ‘organised mode’.

If you want to see some top bands doing things they wouldn’t usually do in an interview, here’s a little something I made earlier…starring big bands (not elastic), a whole host of revellers (maybe you???) and more celebrities.