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Eclectic Mainline bonus programme – I’m not done!

If you listened to last week’s programme, the final ever episode of Eclectic Mainline, you may have heard me say there will be a bonus programme online.  You will be familiar with the rather tired idea of a bonus track at the end of an album. Well, I thought I would do a bonus radio programme at the end of my tenure on the airwaves.

Albert presenting Eclectic Mainlineropped

When I recently did a special programme celebrating my 10th anniversary on BCB, Phil Cope asked me if that programme tracked the evolution of Eclectic Mainline over the 10 years I had been doing the programme.  It didn’t really do that, but I liked the idea, and that is what I tried to go for with this extra programme.  You can listen to it at your leisure on my Mixcloud page, or simply clickety click below to listen now.

These are the tunes that featured in this extra edition of Eclectic Mainline:

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