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Eclectic Mainline 24th October 2012

I had no show last week due to 11 local men trying to chase a leather ball past 11 non-locals, who were simultaneously trying to chase the same ball the other way. BCB decided this was an event worth commentating on.  Consequently, I have a backlog of tunes I want to play you.  I squeezed 15 in this week, including this gorgeous Nicholas Jaar remix of Cherokee by Cat Power:


I could quite happily have played one of the two 20-minute tracks from the new Godspeed You! Black Emperor album, but not wanting to leave too many other artists out of the show, settled for one of the shorter tunes.  I would highly recommend you listen to the entire album though, as it is quite brilliant:


If you are inclined to listen back to tonight’s show, you’ll find it over here. Here is what I played: Continue reading

Eclectic Mainline 12th September 2012

After last week’s excitement, I have only the routine task of telling you how amazing the tunes in tonight’s show were. Why? are back, and this pleases me no end. I played the lead track from their new ‘Sod In The Seed’ EP tonight. Hear the whole EP though, as it’s mighty good:
WHY? – ‘Sod in the Seed’ EP by City Slang

I strongly advise you to seek out “Nothin But Time” from the new Cat Power album too. If you’ve been a Cat Power fan for as long as I have, you will remember when she played pretty much everything herself, and in those early days, that was often just her and a guitar, or her and a piano.  Well, although her sound as evolved greatly since those early albums, a similar principle applies; she plays the majority of the instruments herself.  She’s a modern day Stevie Wonder.

Here’s the full playlist from tonight’s show, which you can hear again over on this page.

Alt-J – “Something Good” (single and LP – “An Awesome Wave”) (Infectious)
Husky – “Tidal Wave” (single and LP – “Forever So”) (Sub Pop)
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Live It Up” (LP – “Mature Themes”) (4AD)
The Touré-Raichel Collective – “Alkataou” (LP – “The Tel Aviv Sessions”) (Cumbancha)
Dinosaur Jr. – “Pierce The Morning Rain” (LP – “I Bet On Sky”) (PIAS)
Rollo Jean – “St Tropez” (double A-side single with “Cellar Of Love”) (Memphis Industries)
Cat Power – “NothingBut Time” (LP – “Sun”) (Matador)
Rustie – “After Light feat. AlunaGeorge” (single) (Warp)
Call The Doctor – “Here To Haunt” (b-side to “Wrecking Ball” single) (Glasstone)
Why? – “Sod in the Seed” (EP – “Sod In The Seed”) (City Slang)
Sonic Boom Six – “Virus” (single) (Xtra Mile)
Frank Zappa – “Bobby Brown Goes Down” (LP re-issue – “Sheik Yerbouti”)
Babe, Terror – “Lifantastic I” (“Knights EP”) (Phantasy Sound)

Minor correction from last week’s show – I played the following but forgot to include it in my playlist:

Dinosaur Jr. – “Rude” (LP – “I Bet On Sky”) (PIAS)

Buffet #40 (with added Betty action)

We welcomed the gorgeous Bet Lynch Mob to the studio this week (well, two thirds of them). They are delightful young ladies, if somewhat cheeky. They not only danced about in the studio, but Betty Bird half-mooned us through the BCB studio glass partition. No photographic evidence I’m afraid, but here they are having a boogie in trademark gold hotpants:

You can listen again if you click this link – it starts about 5 minutes in after some sport gubbins: http://www.podcast.canstream.co.uk/bcb/index.php?id=8413

And this is what we played:

1. THE STRANGLERS – No More Heroes
2. DOPE BODY – Enemy Outta Me
3. DIRTY PROJECTORS – Offspring Are Blank
4. DEERHOOF – Break Up Song
5. BONNIE TYLER – Total Eclipse of the Heart
6. CAT POWER – Ruin
7. TEN KENS – Mousetrap
8. SPARKS – Amateur Hour
9. NENEH CHERRY – Too Tough To Die
10. SPARKLEHORSE – Saturday
12. SUZI QUATRO – Devil Gate Drive
14. WYE OAK – Spiral