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Eclectic Mainline 28th November 2012

An excellent Roll The Dice / Pole remix 12″ came out last week. I played “The Skull Is Built Into The Version” tonight, and here is another track from it:


I also played one of the queerest cover versions I’ve ever heard.  I have Phil Cope to thank for this, seeing as he brought it to my attention when he played it in his show last week.   See what you think of this:


Here is where you will find the BCB Listen Again option for tonight’s show. And this is what I played:

Dead Can Dance – “Opium” (single and LP – “Anastasis”) (PIAS)
Tilly and the Wall – “Defenders” (single and LP – “Heavy Mood”) (Team Love)
Dobie – “I-Anomaly” (EP – “…But Fear Itself”) (Big Dada)
James Yorkston – “Just As Scared” (single and LP – “I Was A Cat From A Book”) (Domino)
Dinosaur Jr. – “Piercing The Morning Rain” (single and LP – “I Bet On Sky”) (Play It Again Sam)
Jamie Lidell – “What A Shame” (single and LP – “Jamie Lidell”) (Warp)
The Cryin’ Shames – “Please Stay” (single) (Decca)
Beach House – “Wild” (single and LP – “Bloom”) (Bella Union)
Cheval Sombre – “Someplace Else” (single and LP – “Mad Love”) (Sonic Cathedral)
Chapterhouse – “Pearl” (single and LP – “Whirlpool”) (Dedicated)
Roll The Dice meets Pole – “The Skull Is Built Into The Version” (12″ – “In Dubs”) (Leaf)
DJ T Ty featuring Sarah – “You Are The One That I Want” (self-released download)

Eclectic Mainline 23rd May 2012

Manic Street Preachers mug

I broke my Manic Street Preachers mug! :'-(

I was feeling rather glum first thing this morning, after breaking my Manic Street Preachers mug.  I’m sure Nicky Wire would just tell me to stop feeling so attached to material objects…while counting his money.

Had I broken it one day later, I would have had the mug for precisely 15 years.  I’m not sad enough to have known this, I might add.  I just looked up the date they played at the Nynex Arena in Manchester in 1997.

So, my Manic Street Preachers mug lasted quite a long time, and some things do indeed last a long time.  What a gorgeous Daniel Johnston cover version Füxa and Britta Phillips have made.  So gorgeous in fact that I have now played all 8 minutes of it twice in Eclectic Mainline this month.

If you wish to listen back to tonight’s show, you’ll find it here.  And if you want every song to be a surprise, don’t read the playlist below: Continue reading