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Pop-punk power

Pop-punk was very much a theme on our latest show, with A Night In November and A among the bands featured

Here’s a full list of the tracks we played:

A – Cheeky Monkey
A Night In November – Halloween
Deehunter – Element
Angelo Palladino featuring Chris Taylor – So Long Greasy Spoon
Royal Trux – White Stuff
Kurt Vile – One-Trick Ponies
Mi Mye – That Night in Thurso
Shy Child – Generation Y (We Got It)
Tony Wright – Music is the Food of Love
Buzzcocks – It’s Not You
The Declining Winter – My World Divided
Beirut – Gallipoli
Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Look Ma!
Oasis – Some Might Say

Listen again to the show on Mixcloud >

Catching up with ourselves (Buffets #82, #83 and #84!)

Alright?! We haven’t posted on here for ages, so consider this a massive catch up. Jimmy May joined us on Sunday 4th October, which you can hear here. Track-list as follows:

1. Demob Happy – Suffer You
2. Fidlar – Drone
3. Kodiak Deathbeds – Against The Wind
4. Brass Tracks – Corduroy
5. Young Fathers – 27
6. Gentleman’s Dub Club – Emergency
7. Jeffery Lewis and the Lost Bolts – Outta Town
8. Xpansions – Move Your Body
9. Shri – Tarana
10. Blur – Trimm Trabb
11. Peaches ft. Kim Gordon – Close Up
12. Dillinger ft. MC Skibadee – Twist Em Out
13. Deerhunter – Breaker
14. Jay Star – Sugar Screen
15. Emilie & Ogden – What Happened

And if you’d like to listen to the previous couple of shows here’s a link to show #82 and click on this bit for #83.

AND IN OTHER NEWS! We are DJ-ing a fundraiser for Bradford People’s Assembly on Friday 13th November at Kirkgate Centre, Shipley. Come join the fun!

We’re back on-air November 1st!

Team Buffet x

Eclectic Mainline 26th June 2013

I played 3 tracks by Data 70 in tonight’s show, from the new CD Space Loops: The Complete Sessions. By coincidence, Data 70 have put a few tracks on Soundcloud in threes.  One of this 3, is one of the 3 I played tonight (am I making sense?):

Also in tonight’s show was this by Deerhunter, who curated the wonderful ATP Festival last weekend:

… and this by Magic Panda:

Here is the show’s full playlist:

Thundercat – ‘Heartbreaks + Setbacks’ (LP – Apocalypse) (Brainfeeder)
Deerhunter – ‘Monomania’ (LP – Monomania) (4AD)
Frank Bretschneider – ‘Super.Trigger’ (LP – Super.Trigger) (Raster Noton)
Robert Pollard – ‘It Disappears In The Least Likely Hands (We May Never Not Know)’ (LP – Honey Locust Honky Tonk) (Fire)
Camera Obscura – ‘Desire Lines’ (LP – Desire Lines) (4AD)
Data 70 – ‘Departure’ (LP – Space Loops: The Complete Sessions) (Enraptured)
COH – ‘Disco Discrete’ (LP – RETRO-2038) (Editions Mego)
The National – ‘Sea Of Love’ (LP – Trouble Will Find Me) (4AD)
Lord Tang – ‘Blue Sunshine’ (2xCD – 70 Years Of Sunshine) (Monotype)
Ceremonial Dagger – ‘Synesthesia’ (2xCD – 70 Years Of Sunshine) (Monotype)
Data 70 – ‘Biff! Bang! Pow!’ (LP – Space Loops: The Complete Sessions) (Enraptured)
Data 70 – ‘Ice Cubes’ (LP – Space Loops: The Complete Sessions) (Enraptured)
The Elwins – ‘Come On Out’ (LP – And I Thank You) (Affairs Of The Heart)
Magic Panda – ‘Zwolf’ (LP – Temple Of A Thousand Lights) (Tigerbeat6)

Eclectic Mainline – 20th October 2010

Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest

Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest

Two of my favourite albums of the autumn are Deerhunter‘s Halcyon Digest and Port Entropy by Shugo Tokumaru.  The former is already out, and the latter comes out in a couple of weeks.  Tunes from both were in tonight’s show.

Also, a rather lovely cover by The Shelleys of a song made famous by Shakin’ Stevens, in which guise it was the first 7″ I ever owned.

Here’s what I played tonight:

Manic Street Preachers – “The Future Has Been Here 4Ever” (LP – “Postcards From A Young Man”) (Sony)
Shit Robot – “Tuff Enuff?” (single) (DFA)
Our Broken Garden – “The Burial” (LP – “Golden Sea”) (Bella Union)
Susumu Yukota – “Sprouting Symphony” (LP – “Kaleidoscope”) (Lo)
Shugo Tokumaru – “Rum Hee” (LP – “Port Entropy”) (Souterrain Transmissions)
The Dils – “I Hate The Rich” (compilation LP – “Black Hole: Californian Punk 1977-80) (Domino)
This Is The Kit – “Moon” (LP – “Wriggle Out The Restless”) (Dreamboat)
Deerhunter – “Helicopter” (LP – “Halcyon Digest”) (4AD)
Paris Suit Yourself – “Craig Machinsky” (single) (Big Dada)
Brian Eno – “Emerald And Stone” (LP – “Small Craft On A Milk Sea”) (Warp)
Dirty Projectors – “As I Went Out One Morning” (LP – “No Intention + Bitte Orca (Expanded Edition)” (Domino)
Elliott Smith – “Miss Misery (early version)” (LP – “An Introduction To Elliott Smith”) (Domino)
Offshore – “Round & Round” (“Aneurysm EP”) (Big Dada)
Les Shelleys – “Green Door” (LP – “Les Shelleys”) (Fat Cat)
Hauschka – “Children” (LP – “Foreign Landscapes”) (130701)

ATP Festival curated by Matt Groening – Day 2

Saturday begins with two hours of 70’s kids cartoon Hong Kong Phooey on the excellent ATP TV channel provided for the weekend. Refreshed by the antics of the titular kung fu practicing canine, we venture forth into the unknown. [I ventured forth a little earlier than the others and caught Hello Saferide, in Reds. I was rather impressed by her Swedish knack of finding a good tune, and sentimental lyrics. Ed]

Hello Saferide - melodic and romantic

Hello Saferide - melodic romanticism

Between the four of us (me, Albert, Simon and Jim) we can conjure up little previous knowledge of Boredoms despite the fact that they appear to have been going since about 1942 and have released about half a million records. The notes about them printed in the frankly beautiful programmes (coming with 4 different covers featuring Matt Groening penned caricatures of Iggy, Joanna Newsome, Daniel Johnston and someone we didn’t recognise [either She & Him or Lightning Dust, the jury is still out – ed]) weren’t much help either. In this we simply read a breathless treatise about Boredoms being Japanese, having a penchant for using lots of drummers, and being a bit ace.

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