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TMTY 04.11.09!

We’ve been forced today away from our usual live broadcast due to rehearsal commitments for this weekend’s Raise Your Banners festival of political song, a worthy excuse if ever there was one.  So this show was a pre-record.


Yessir. A trip down on Saturday night may well result in you seeing my goodself in some fetching women’s clothing…!

But yes, this week we played some very nice stuff indeed.

WILD BEASTS – The Fun Powder Plot

Here’s the Kendal / Leeds gang’s fantastic Jool’s performance for those that missed it too-

Then we talked about how Laura Groves AKA Blue Roses still owes us all a pound in royalties for singing on her album (along with a few other BCB Broadcasters I believe, Albert?)
We played an old version of-
and chatted about her imminent headline tour:

Then a glorious short from-
THE BOBBY MCGEES – L.O.V.E / A Masonic Youth

New music then from the glorious Yeasayer.
‘Ambling Alp’ is their new single.
Available for free here – http://www.amblingalp.com/
Properly stunning stuff, we’re really glad to have some new music coming from those guys after overplaying ‘All Hours Cymbals’ the last few… well… years! (it came out in 2007!)

KC’s Backrow banter gave a solid 8/10 to thirst.

On at the pictureville now!

And a solid dressing down to the latest Danny Dyer / Tamer Hassan / FIDDY Cent shocker ‘Dead Man Running’, 2/10.

We finished with DEVENDRA BARNHART – Baby
Happy Days.
Happy Bonfires.