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Get your party frocks on!

Tis the season to get your dancing shoes on! So get cracking, cos Team Buffet (minus Boris, who will be laid up in hospital for a while after his accident) are putting on two live spreads…

Photo by Betty Lawless
Photo by Betty Lawless

Fabulous Funky Disco
Saturday 29th November 7:30pm-11pm

Join us for an evening of disco dancing. Don’t snigger, this will be ace fun! We’re DJ-ing at Left Bank Leeds.

It’s a not for profit event, and, as purveyors of a nice spread, we’re bound to play something you’ll want to dance to.

Full details and ticket info here




X_flyerRC1 copyChristmas Record Club
Saturday 6th December 8pm-11pm

Then on 6th December we’re hosting The Record Club at the Kirkgate Centre in Shipley. The theme is, of course, Christmas and we’ll be playing three full LPs by Andrew Jackson Jihad, Phil Spector and Sufjan Stevens. There’ll also be a little time to play your own Christmas records in between, plus there’s a Pop Quiz (and who doesn’t love a music quiz, eh?). To get you in the mood you can check out the playlist we’ve put together – you’ll notice it’s not typical of the Xmas music that gets pumped into our earholes every time we go shopping. And check out full details of the event on the Record Club website.

One more thing… Boris is reported to be doing well after his accident, and there’s still time to make a small donation to Keswick Mountain Rescue who saved him. This fundraising effort by Ewan Mitchell has exceeded £1000, which is just awesome. Massive snogs to everyone who’s donated!

We hope to see you at the disco and/or Record Club!

Love Team Buffet x

Buffet on the Wireless (#58)

Now then!

If you tuned into Buffet – ta, duck! Or if you’re here to find the podcast, click this link. It’s a new year, and our resolution is to play a Bastardised Beatles record every month (we’ve got a lot to choose from). This month it’s Tijuana style, and it’s a good ‘un. This is what was played, and a mighty fine spread it is:

1. Regina Spektor – You’ve Got Time
2. Antlered Man – Ian Will Break Again
3. St Vincent – Birth In Reverse
4. ESG – I Can’t Tell You What To Do
5. The Torero Band – From Me To You
6. School of Language – Between the Suburbs
7. The Mighty Wah! – Papa Crack (God’s Lonely Man)
8. Sleaford Mods – Donkey
9. Sisyphus – Calm It Down
10. Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues
11. Throwing Muses – Milan
12. Sink – Blue Noodles
13. Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots
14. Strings For Pleasure Play the Best of Bacharach – 24 Hours From Tulsa

We’re back on 23rd Feb. Ciao!



Happy Kistchmas!

Have you cracked open the Sufjan Stevens box set yet? Or perhaps you’re more of a die hard Slade fan? Well, which ever way you swing, the supermarkets and bus stations have been churning out Christmas music for weeks now. This means the chart battle for Christmas No.1 has begun (yes, the charts still exist, even though TOTP ended years ago) and the kitsch-fest has kicked off.

This year I’m backing 50 Sniffs – I even paid to download Credit Card Christmas (I’m usually very “bah-humbug!” when it comes to iTunes), as all profits are being used to help clean up the mess left by serious floods in my hometown of Boston last week. If you’ve not discovered 50 Sniffs yet, they serve up a fun, affectionate, occasionally crass Bostonian rap parody. I’ve had “Bought a turkey on finance, then I took it round my Nan’s” as an ear-worm for a week now, and it’s cheesy in all the right places. I don’t think anyone expects it to go top ten, but top 40 would be nice!

And if you want to check out some other weird and wonderful Christmas music, have a nosey at my blog – Bloody Nora’s Big Gob.

The Buffet radio show will be bringing you an eclectic Twisted Christmas 2013 review combo on Sunday 29th December at 7pm. But in the meantime, we’ve uploaded one of our old Christmas shows from 2010, which you can listen to here.

Hope your Christmas rocks!

Maria & Team Buffet x

Guitar stands are well Clapton (Buffet #54)

Hello Hello!

If you tuned in on Sunday – THANKS! If not, but you want to check out some ace music, you can click on the listen again thingy.

This is what we played:

2. LA LUZ – Brainwash
4. PIXIES – Indy Cindy
5. VELVET UNDERGROUND – Satellite of Love
6. ARUN GHOSH – Journey South
7. LOU REED & JOHN CALE – Small Town
8. COURTNEY BARNETT – Avant Gardener
9. SKY LARKIN – Carve It Out
10. JAMES CARR – You Got My Mind Messed Up
11. JUNE TABOR & OYSTERBAND – All Tomorrow’s Parties
12. MOON HOOCH – Megatubes
13. VELVET UNDERGROUND – Here She comes Now
14. BOOKER T & THE MJs – Beatles Medley

Back in December – cheers!

Maria & Jenny Jet

Buffet #52 – Out of Step

Hello hello! If you tuned into Buffet on Sept 8th we apologise for being out of step – it was actually August’s show (which didn’t get broadcast because of a computer hoo-ha). However, we still played cool stuff if you fancy a listen…

This here is the track list:

1. THE RUNAWAYS – School Days
2. GIRLS AGAINST BOYS – Bullet Proof Cupid
4. KRAFTWERK – Computer Operator
5. THE UNIT AMA – Plastique Bertrand
6. BJORK – Sun in my Mouth
7. YUCK – Rebirth
8. DUCHESS SAYS – Time to Reiterate
9. ARCTIC MONKEYS – Do I Wanna Know
11. GIRLSCHOOL – Let’s Go
12. HUMAN LEAGUE – Sound of the Crowd
13. WENDY & LISA – Sweet Suite

We’re back on 6th October – bye for now!

Maria & Jenny Jet

Fanny Power Preview

Hello there! Thought we’d drop by to let you know about International Fanny Power Day – next Saturday 25th February.

Not only will we at Buffet be dominating the BCB airwaves with lady rock (5-6pm), but we’ll be hosting The Record Club the very same evening in Shipley. Come and join us at the Kirkgate Centre from 7:30pm for lots of vinyl fun. Details are on our Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/events/194058260701785/

And also here: http://www.recordclub.org.uk/events/feb12

(You can decide a third album to be played in full – go ahead and vote!).

Love from Team Buffet



Buffet #21 goes Mix Tape Mental

So, having acquired a tape to CD converter, courtesy of Jenny Jet, I played a fair few tracks from 20+ year old mix tapes made by my friend the late, great, Jas Toomer. You’ll notice the sudden drop in volume and sound quality, which of course only adds to the nostalgia!

We also dedicated our show in part to the 400,000+ people who marched for an alternative to public spending cuts. We were there – here’s a kazoo solo, from Emma Bob III!

And this is what we played:
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Radio Buffet #20

On episode 20 of Buffet, Jenny Jet asked the question “Coldplay – why?”. We don’t like them, they are very beige. But we did play some music we like very very much, including a snapshot from a re-issue of Spunkle’s 2003 soundscape Music for DXing (on First Fold records). Here’s a video link: http://www.youtube.com/firstfoldmusic#p/u/3/Tt1PdFDmgAs

And here’s a complete list of what we played, which you can, of course, hear on BCB’s new listen again feature:

1. Theme from Tales of the Unexpected
2. MOGWAI – George Square Thatcher Death Party
3. CAROLINE – Gone
4. THE COUNT AND SINDEN – Elelphant 1234
5.GLASSER – Mirrorage
6. JOHN BARRY – Midnight Cowboy
7. LCD Soundsystem – Disco Infiltrator
8. SPUNKLE – Interlocking Groove
9. TERAMELOS – Manar the Magic
10. TALL SHIPS – Chemistry
11. PATSY GALLANT – From New York to LA
12. PETER, BJORN AND JOHN – Breaker Breaker
13. NEU – Super
14. DEERHOOF – Super Duper Rescue Heads
15. PJ HARVEY – Words That Maketh Murder

We’re back on March 26th!

Big snogs,

Team Buffet



Do you know, we were so busy chatting away behind the scenes on our radio show that we forgot to name-check Those Dancing Days and Caribou, which is very rubbish of us. And Those Dancing Days deserve special mention as they lead the Wichita girl-pop revolution, a revolution that should be acknowledged. Germaine Greer made a point of saying there still aren’t many women in bands, when I went to see her in Halifax last week. I know what you’re saying, Germaine, I really do, but there are actually LOADS of fannytastic musicians out there – we have no trouble finding stuff to play on Radio Buffet. Anyroad, before I tell you what we did play on our radio show, let me share with you something Ms Greer did teach me that I never knew before. It’s a new term of endearment for ladyparts – Bearded Clams! Kept me amused for days that did…

Here’s what me, EmmaBob3 and Elias played – hope you enjoyed it:

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