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Buffet #76 An Hour of Fanny Power

Buffet 2 smlIt’s International Ladies day 2015 – whoop! Maria and Jenny put on a well good spread, which you can hear again if you want. And this is what we played:

1. Duchess Says – Tenen Non Neu
2. Hanne Hukkelberg – Ease
3. Angel Haze – A Tribe Called Red
4. Gwenno – Chwyldro
5. Du Blonde – Black Flag
6. Band of Susans – Ice Age
7. Viv Albertine – Confessions of a MILF
8. ESG – Dance to the Beat of Moody
9. Mama Cass & The Big Three – Wild Women
10. Marnie Stern – Year of the Glad
11. Soak -Sea Creatures
12. M.I.A. – Boyz
13. Screaming Females – Criminal Image
14. The Tuts – Do I have to Look for Love
15. Tiny Too – World Between Us

We are back with more Fanny Power, most likely with some sausage, on Sunday 22nd March.




Buffet #52 – Out of Step

Hello hello! If you tuned into Buffet on Sept 8th we apologise for being out of step – it was actually August’s show (which didn’t get broadcast because of a computer hoo-ha). However, we still played cool stuff if you fancy a listen…

This here is the track list:

1. THE RUNAWAYS – School Days
2. GIRLS AGAINST BOYS – Bullet Proof Cupid
4. KRAFTWERK – Computer Operator
5. THE UNIT AMA – Plastique Bertrand
6. BJORK – Sun in my Mouth
7. YUCK – Rebirth
8. DUCHESS SAYS – Time to Reiterate
9. ARCTIC MONKEYS – Do I Wanna Know
11. GIRLSCHOOL – Let’s Go
12. HUMAN LEAGUE – Sound of the Crowd
13. WENDY & LISA – Sweet Suite

We’re back on 6th October – bye for now!

Maria & Jenny Jet


Do you know, we were so busy chatting away behind the scenes on our radio show that we forgot to name-check Those Dancing Days and Caribou, which is very rubbish of us. And Those Dancing Days deserve special mention as they lead the Wichita girl-pop revolution, a revolution that should be acknowledged. Germaine Greer made a point of saying there still aren’t many women in bands, when I went to see her in Halifax last week. I know what you’re saying, Germaine, I really do, but there are actually LOADS of fannytastic musicians out there – we have no trouble finding stuff to play on Radio Buffet. Anyroad, before I tell you what we did play on our radio show, let me share with you something Ms Greer did teach me that I never knew before. It’s a new term of endearment for ladyparts – Bearded Clams! Kept me amused for days that did…

Here’s what me, EmmaBob3 and Elias played – hope you enjoyed it:

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