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The Mirrored Hammer

The second instalment of The Mirrored Hammer: Art, Culture and Social Change airs tonight on BCB 106.6FM at 9pm. Interviews with Dusty Rhodes talking about being a student in Bradford post ’68 and the/(a) history of The Bradford Festival. Also a chat with Nagbea (The Word/Sound Shack Records) talking about the birth of the Punk scene and resonances between African culture and the DIY music scene. Live bootlegs from Blood Sport, Guns or Knives, Jupiter and Okwess International, Jaipur Kawa Brass Band and Gerrard Bell-Fife.


You can listen to last month’s debut episode here:

Escort Knights on The BCB Sessions – Wed 10th Nov


Escort Knights are our featured band of the week…they’re from Leeds and are having a big do this Saturday night at Nation of Shopkeepers, playing with Club Smith (indie/house).  For all the blurb and to get details of their remix competition: www.myspace.com/escortknights

Here’s what made the show:
SBTRKT – Look at stars
Jonny – Continental
Micah P Hinson – Watchers, tell us of the night
Escort Knights interview – with Joe
Escort Knights (featured band) – Hole in your head
Hide Me – We love
Dirty Projectors – As I went out one morning
Deerhunter – Never Stops
The Dawnriders – Goldrush (lovely track from West Yorks band – playing with The Sunshine Underground at St George’s Hall, Bfd on 26 Nov)
worriedaboutstan – The Butterfly Effect (Two guys from Leeds, making soundscapes that push boundaries and keep me very interested)
iliketrains (archive session track) – sirens (see them this weekend at Constellations Festival)
Girls – Heartbreaker
Chilly Gonzales (Erol Alkan rework) – Never Stop
Escort Knights (featured band) – I don’t know your name

Get in touch if you’d like to come in and record a session or get your music played on the radio. We’ll add you to the The BCB Sessions Hall of Musical Fame! email: laura.rawlings@bcbradio.co.uk

Back next week, Wednesday night at 9pm on 106.6fm in Bradford or www.bcbradio.co.uk wherever you are.


Leeds Festival Sunday – Cat Fight

The problem with writing on a blog is that your own personal opinions and convictions take hold; you start to believe your word is the law. Just give me a soap box, it’s already happened with the following article. So I must stress these are just my personal thoughts and musings, and that does mean they’re correct; it’s just you might hear other peoples ‘incorrect’ accounts elsewhere.

So I want to talk first about the two female solo acts of the day – Little boots and the much talked about Florence And Th Machine - and explain why one works and one…humm does not (that’s them opinions I was talking about).

Little boots was first, weith the her very “in trend” electo sounds and delivery. The crowd seemed pleased but the whole act felt a little muted; forced perhaps. Like the the decision was to take the trendy sound of the day and reverse engineer the act to fit. From the clothing to the quirky hand held synth played through out the act. Towards the end of the set “Victoria Christina Hesketh” pulled her brother on who proceded to perform some Bev style tambourine act because it was his birthday. To top even this odd event Boots pulled on the whole darn family, friends and there WAGs it seems for the last song, to stand giggling like children at the prospect of being on stage; while I stood scratching my head at the fact they were on stage at all. I don’t think the rest of the crowd seemed to mind, but quite frankly I did. Boots should go back and finish was she started with the wonderful dead disco, but alas this will not happen

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Leeds Catch Up – CRIME!

Wish he was here.

Wish he was here.

For every action in this world there is a equal and opposite re-action. So when I found that 50 pence on friday I should have known something was lurking just around the corner. PHONE STOLEN! I am no longer a single unit media machine I am afraid to say. I should have known better than to have gone to the Prodigy; where I was pickpocketed. Anyhow, a quick trip home and a call to the police, insurance and O2 and there is nothing more I could do but continue to report in a slightly more old school manner (sat at a PC). So if anyone sees anybody using an iPhone ask them where they got it, then do the slitty eye thing at them.

OK onto the actual music. Continue reading

Boo hoo

Well, due to some thieving swine at the Leeds Festival, Adam Wells no longer has an iPhone from which to upload Audio Boos and other multimedia.  This is absolutely rotten, as Adam had worked so hard setting up this blog in time for the festival, and has gone to the festival full of enthusiasm for getting top quality content.  All this has been done as  a keen volunteer, so it absolutely stinks that his weekend has been tainted like this.

A World Without Rain

Well currently I am taking shelter in the press tent. After a rather windy night under the stars I awoke fresh faced to some lovely rain that’s clearly not gonna give up.

In the next few hours the arena opens up for all the real fun and games to begin. After chatting with a few punters here and there it seems that the world is awating The Prodigy; with one person suggesting that things may well get ‘well sweaty’.

We will also be chatting to Fightstar later on (aka Charlie from Busted lol). Also think we got some other bits and bobs lined up so keep watching (am going to be talking with Emily fron Metric). Of course you will only get to hear the full interviews in our review programme on BCB next week.

It’s all rather nice. Should have some real content later. Rest of the team is here now so will give you the Weekend Vibe team’s updates as well.

Live From The Leeds

So, it’s what 1.15 in the morning as I write this on the Thursday night at the Leeds festival. We had a spot of rain, nothing too harsh. As I am writing this from a mobile device from my tent I will keep the reviews breif – Blood Red Shoes – good. Wild Beasts – very good (that’s almost as good as you would expect from NME, my use of the word good was great I think)

I spent some time amongst the action in the camp sites and found some rather worrying scenes; more on that soon. The rest of the team are here tomorrow and we are doing some interviews so watch this space for some audio boo hopefuly. However, for now a choice quote from a group of lads.

“We all need to get thos hats like Dell Boy”

Goodnight and more fun tommrrow.


Leeds Festival Coverage Starts HERE!

To kick of the music blog we will be bringing you undoubtedly the most comprehensive Leeds festival coverage to be found anywhere. We have a temporary twitter stream running down the right of this blog. With any luck you will get a chance to see our audio boos uploaded right from the field. As well as fantastic videos of weekend vibe “cooking”, you heard it here first people.

Look back at the blog as well for daily photos and with any luck a morning and night blog entry (although i am bound to forget to check in once over the weekend). Its an absolute privilege to be going to the festival with the rest of the team this year. That’s all for now ta tar.

Check out this spotify playlist of Leeds festival as well;


Oh my names Adam by the way, i am the site administaror and will been helping keep this experiment ship shape over the next few months with our editor albert. I present the Saturday afternoon slot called ‘the show’.