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Eclectic Mainline playlist 9th May 2012

The album by Flats has been something of a revelation to me.  A revelation partly because I thought the band were new to me, but it turns out they are not.  Phil Cope tells me I played a single of theirs last year, and it turns out he is right.  I played a Flats single  in April 2011, as did Phil, a month earlier.  But mainly the Flats album is a revelation because it’s bloody brilliant.  You can hear Moonwalk, the tune I played tonight, on Soundcloud. (embedding seems to have been disabled – dear One Little Indian, please enable embedding on this wonderful tune)

A tune that Domino have enabled embedding for is this wonderful song from the new album by The Magnetic Fields:

The Magnetic Fields – Quick! by DominoRecordCo

Another tune I can include here for you is that by From The Mouth Of The Sun.  I’ve said this a few times over the past year or so, but I’ll say it again.   If I could change my own style of music to any other style, this is what I’d like to sound like:


If you want to listen again to the show, you’ll find it over here.  And here’s a list of all the tunes I played:

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Eclectic Mainline 2nd May 2012

There were several tunes in tonight’s show that I thought were quite wonderful.  One of them was this gorgeous tune by From The Mouth of the Sun:

Mention must also go to the Muddy Waters Blues Band release, Mud In Your Ear.  Luther “Snake Boy” Johnson led the band on this one, when recorded in 1967.  There were apparently contractual reasons why Muddy Waters himself could not lead the band.  It stands up well and is recognisably Muddy in character.

If you wish to listen again to tonight’s whole show, you’ll find it on the BCB Listen Again service for 2nd May 2012. Here’s a full list of the tunes I played:

Malorix – “Stretch Out Your Frown (Zea remix)” (12″ – “Malorix Remixed and Recycled”) (Makkum)
AM & Shawn Lee – “Dark Into Light” (single and LP – “Celestial Electric”) (Eighteenth Street Lounge)
Cate Le Bon – “Through The Mill” (LP – “CYRK”) (OVNI/Turnstile)
Das Politics – “Sourcloud” (LP – “Blitz Glazer”) (Sub Rosa)
Milagres – “Halfway” (single) (Memphis Industries)
Philippe Petit & Friends – “Eunoïa” (LP – “Cordophony”) (Home Normal)
Blockhead – “Never Forget Your Token” (LP – “Interlude After Midnight”) (Ninja Tune)
Muddy Waters Blues Band – “Evil” (CD – “Mud In Your Ear”) (Douglas Records / Wienerworld)
Füxa – “Some Things Last A Long Time” (LP – “Electric Sound Of Summer”) (Rocket Girl)
Husky – “History’s Door” (single and LP – “Forever So”) (Sub Pop)
Pieter Nooten – “Drone” (LP – “Surround Us”) (Rocket Girl)
Spoek Mathambo – “Kites” (single and LP – “Father Creeper”) (Sub Pop)
From The Mouth Of The Sun – “Sitting In A Roofless Room” (LP – “Woven Tide”) (Experimedia)