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Gang of Four are back

In case you missed the full Christmas Countdown – our choice of the top 20 tracks of year here’s a reminder:

1 The Divine Comedy – The Indie Disco
2 Broken Bells – The High Road
3 The National – England
4 Talk To Angels – He Loves Cilla
5 Arcade Fire – Empty Room
6 Yeasayer – Madder Red
7 Massive Attack – Girl I Love You
8 Babybird – Black Flowers
9 Vampire Weekend – Cousins
10 Whole Sky Monitor – Shoot The People
11 iLiKETRAiNS – Sea of Regret
12 State of Error – Sign The Line
13 Sunshine Underground – A Warning Sign
14 Black Keys – Tighten Up
15 Grinderman – Heathen Child
16 Being 747 – Life In The Trees
17 The Fall – Bury Parts 2 + 4
18 Vicky and Sunny – Ahkhon Main Ek Khawab
19 Creole Choir of Cuba – Chen Nan Ren
20 Cee Lo Green – Forget U

But now it’s a New Year and we’re onto new stuff – including the new Gang of Four album Content which is out on January 25.

This week’s Bradford Beat on Thursday January 6 will feature the Leeds-based band, playing stuff from the new record as well as a couple of classic oldies.

Christmas No.1: Cage Against the Machine?

John Cage was an avant-garde composer from the US who believed that every type of music, from classical to blues to pop, was of equal worth. In 1952 Cage wrote 4’33” and revelled in the controversy it created. His most famous orchestral piece, 4’33”, is a three-movement composition consisting of 273 seconds of silence.

John Cage

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