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Eclectic Mainline 16th May 2012

I’m really rather excited by the imminence of a new album by Liars.  They’re amazing live, so you should go and see them if you get chance this year.  Here’s the new single, as played in tonight’s show:


If you’re in Leeds tomorrow night, you should get yourself along to Gary Stewart’s new EP launch at the Brudenel Social Club.  Here’s ‘Blue’ the song I played tonight:

Blue Master-MP3 by garystewart

If you’re keen enough to listen again, or even for the first time, to tonight’s show, you will magically find an opportunity to do so here.  And I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but this is what you would hear:

The Magnetic Fields – “Andrew In Drag” (LP – “Love At The Bottom Of The Sea”) (Domino)
FilFla – “Iso-Circle” (CD – “Fliptap”) (Someone Good)
Liars – “No.1 Against The Rush” (single and LP – “WIXIW”) (Mute)
Gary Stewart – “Blue” (“Year and a Day EP”) (self released)
Volcano – “Long Gone” (LP – “Piñata”) (Leaf)
Don Preston – “Analog Heaven #7” (LP – “Filters, Oscillators & Envelopes 1967-82”) (Sub Rosa)
Flats – “Shuffle” (LP – “Better Living”) (Sweat Shop)
Neutral Milk Hotel – “Holland, 1945” (LP – “In An Aeroplane Over The Sea”) (Domino)
Amon Tobin – “Angels & Demons” (Amon Tobin box set) (Ninja Tune)
White Rabbits – “Temporary” (single and LP – “Milk Famous”) (Mute)
FilFla – “Wst-Est” (CD – “Fliptap”) (Someone Good)
Breton – “Jostle” (double A-side single with “Foam”) (Fat Cat)
Senking – “The Dance Hall Walk” (12″ – “Dazed”) (Raster Noton)
King Creosote – “Doubles Underneath” (EP – “I Learned From The Gaels”) (Domino)

Those Darlins, Portishead and Plaid on The BCB Sessions!

Wednesday 18th Jan…

Come on in – this is what’s on this week’s instalment of The BCB Sessions:

Those Darlins – Screws get loose

Gossip – Heavey cross

Shearwater – Breaking the yearlings

Tinariwan – Imidiwan Afrika Tendam

Plaid – 35 summers

Handmadehands – Sunshine

Buriel & Four Tet – Moth

The Low Anthem – To the ghosts who write history books

Cloud Control – This is what I said

Portishead – The rip

The Waves Pictures (BCB Session archive) – Walk to the backstairs quiet

Gary Stewart – (BCB Session archive) – Maggie Oh


The BCB Sessions

Well hello there! I know, I’m rubbish. Like some dodgy ex that comes crawling back with a paltry offering…and a feeble apology. So here I am with the latest playlists (worth waiting for I’m sure). And I’m not helped this morning because I’m being distracted by some wierd, slowed down, gentle guitar love-in version of Live and Let Die. OK, so you’ve heard the excuses but where are the goods I hear you cry?

Well this is what we played on Wed 20 Oct:

Sparrow and the Workshop in session! This band are ace – top tunes and lovely, lovely people.

School of Seven Bells – Heart is strange
Still Flyin – Stay wild, tokelau
Magic Kids – Hey boy
PVT – Window
Sparrow & the Workshop (BCB Session) – Devil song
Yann Tiersen – Palestine
Blonde Redhead – Here sometimes
KORT – Picking wild mountain berries
Dirty projectors – As I went out one morning
Sparrow & the workshop (BCB Session) – Just what I needed
SBTRKT – Look at stars
synthetic phonics – got my lovin
Peppermint Lounge – African orange. (Two lads in Leeds who mash it up, playing tunes that cut across genres & make you happy) http://www.myspace.com/thepeppermintlounge
Declining Winter ( Epic 45 Remix) (Pudsey’s Fourth best band – not sure who’s top trumping them but their live performances are intense and brilliant) http://www.myspace.com/thedecliningwinter
Sparrow & the workshop (BCB Session) – Medal around your neck

And on Wed 13 Oct:

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