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Eclectic Mainline 23rd October 2013

The increasing trend for artists to releases “deluxe”, or “expanded”, versions of albums just a few months after the initial album’s release is an act of cynicism I cannot abide.  If you have extra music to release, why not just release it as another, separate LP?  The Beatles released two (or three in America) LPs a year.  There really is no need to force your fans to buy your album twice within a year to get the extra music. Phosphorescent and David Bowie, I’m thinking of you.  To their credit, Warp have made both options available with the new Grizzly Bear release.  You can buy the new 2 CD version of Shields, or get the extra tracks as a standalone LP or download.  Here’s one of the newly available songs:

Also in this week’s Eclectic Mainline, this by Black Hearted Brother, a collaboration between Neil Halstead, Nick Holton and Mark Van Hoen:

…this by Baishe Kings:

…and this by Jackson Scott:

You will find the full programme on the BCB Listen Again service. Here is the track list:

Bill Orcutt – ‘Black Betty’ (LP – A History of Every One) (Editions Mego)
Crocodiles – ‘Teardrop Guitar’ (single and LP – Crimes of Passion) (Zoo)
Tony Allen, M1 + Baloji – ‘Afrodisco Beat 2013’ (Various Artists LP – Red Hot + Fela) (Knitting Factory)
Grizzly Bear – ‘Will Calls’ (LP – Shields (Expanded) and Shields: B-Sides) (Warp)
Sweet Baboo – ‘Motorhome Songs’ (single) (Moshi Moshi)
Black Hearted Brother – ‘This Is How It Feels’ (single and LP – Stars Are Our Home) (Sonic Cathedal)
Daughn Gibson – ‘Mad Ocean’ (single and LP – Me Moan) (Sub Pop)
Mazes – ‘Hayfever Wristband’ (single) (FatCat)
Baishe Kings – ‘Like’ (Eyes Of Mark mixtape) (Big Dada)
Jackson Scott – ‘Sandy’ (single Fat Possum)
Boogarins – ‘Erre’ (LP – As Plantas Que Curam) (Other)
Of Montreal – ‘Obsidian Currents’ (LP – Lousy With Silvyianbriar)
Bleached – ‘Dreaming Without You’ (single) (Dead Oceans)
Euros Childs – ‘Holiday From Myself’ (LP – Situation Comedy) (National Elf)
Orchestra Of Spheres – ‘Journey’ (single and LP – Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music) (Fire)

REVIEW SHOW 2009! end of tut year

THe embodyment of 2009, Barack Obama - From www.badpaintingsofbarackobama.com

THe embodyment of 2009, Barack Obama - From www.badpaintingsofbarackobama.com

You may have managed to work your new fangel wireless devices that you got for Christmas to listen to BCB to catch our music review show for 2009… It’s been a funny old year in music and personally I am of the opinion not a massive triumph. Don’t get me wrong there has been a massive range of fantastic new albums but the whole year just seems to have been a little slow, I have spent more time looking into musical archives this year seeking out wonderful little gems….

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Christmas Countdown – part 2

Bradford Beat’s run-down of the best 20 tracks of 2009 is halfway through – here’s what we’ve revealed so far:

11 Grizzly Bear – While We Wait For The Others
12 Roger Davies – Brighouse On A Saturday Night
13 Frank Turner – Poetry of the Deed
14 Blue Roses – I Am Leaving
15 Benjy Ferree – Blown Out (Gold Doubloons and PCs of 8 )
16 The Very Best – Warm Heart of Africa
17 Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes
18 Prom Knight – Counter Intelligence
19 Scaramanga Six – Misadventure
20 New Model Army – Autumn

Five further tracks will be played over each of the next two weeks, with the number one being unveiled on Christmas Eve.

Bradford Beat is on BCB 106.6FM on Thursdays from 8pm-9pm and repeated Sunday 7pm-8pm.

3 days: 3 gigs; 1 session


St Vincent at Leeds Met

St Vincent at Leeds Met Students Union

Drowned in Sound absolutely adore St Vincent, and having seen a clip of her in soundcheck on said website a few weeks ago I was intrigued to learn that her support slot on the Grizzly Bear tour was solo. Apart from supplementary guitar on one song by Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen, it was just Annie Clark, a looping pedal, and some sequenced backing. I must say I was surprised by how diverse she could be within those limitations. As Sam commented to me after The Strangers, she somehow managed to go seamlessly from 40s jazz guitar to an onslaught reminiscent of Joe Satriani in just 30 seconds. Songs such as Save Me From What I Want worked really well with her looping backing vocals along with herself, and during the more frenetic passages of Marrow she had the appearance of a manikin suffering a seizure. Her cover of The Beatles’ Dig A Pony was a pleasant surprise too. I was very impressed, and would like to know how these songs come across with a full band.

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Eclectic Mainline 4th November 2009

What a few days lie ahead for gigs in the area!  Tonight (Thursday) there is Grizzly Bear + St. Vincent at Leeds Met Students Union.  Friday night there is Daniel Johnston + Laura Marling + The Wave Pictures at the Brudenel Social Club.  Then on Saturday back at Leeds Met again, Choir Of Young Believers are supporting Mew!  And of all the above, what with it being Fireworks Night, it would seem most appropriate to suggest you watch the marvellous video for Grizzly Bear‘s Two Weeks:

And last night, this is what I played in my show: Continue reading

Warp20 (Sheffield)

[Before I begin, please note, I’m no expert on Park Hill Flats and until this week I knew nothing about them, so forgive me if you know more than I do and I have got any facts wrong.  I think the following is fairly accurate though…]

Park Hill Flats, Sheffield

Park Hill Flats, Sheffield

Park Hill Flats were built in the late 1950s to re-house entire streets of people from one of Sheffield’s poorest slums into “streets in the sky”.  The scheme attracted a lot of attention, both nationally and internationally and was considered a pioneering project. However, within 15-years or so the level of poverty had not improved, and the high concentration of people meant that the level of crime and overall living conditions were if anything worse than the days when the slums were at ground level.  Many of England’s (visually, at least) similar high rise residential blocks have since been pulled down, but those in the Park Hill area were given Grade II listed status in 1998.  Since then there has been a move to renovate the flats, but at present they are in a curious state.

Now in 2009, while some of the neighbouring blocks of flats have been gutted with a view to renovation, the bulk of Park Hill estate is mostly unpopulated, and boarded up, with just one wing still being occupied by tenants.  This wing, and three unpopulated wings, form a horseshoe with a grassy embankment sloping down into the curve.  This accidental amphitheatre was chosen by Warp Records for a cinematic event as part of the label’s 20th anniversary celebrations. Continue reading