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Eclectic Mainline 8th August 2012

I’ve been surprised recently by how sophisticated computer game music has become. I used to love the Sonic The Hedgehog music, but it seems rather crude by current standards. The HEALTH soundtrack to Max Payne 3 for instance, is extremely cinematic. But then, I suppose the games themselves have become rather cinematic. I started tonight’s show with another new tune from a game soundtrack. This was is by DVA, and is from the game Botanicula.

08 DVA  – Level 3 by DVA

The rest of the show, which you can hear again, went like this:

DVA – “Level 3” (LP – “Botanicular Soundtrack”) (Amanita Design / Bumbumsatori)
Spiritualized – “Little Girl” (single and LP – “Sweet Heart Sweet Light”) (Double Six)
Jim Coleman – “Another Place” (LP – “Trees”) (Wax & Wane)
Correatown – “Valparaiso” (LP – “Pleiades”) (Highline)
Animal Collective – “Today’s Supernatural” (single and LP – “Centipede Hz”) (Domino)
Kiko C. Esseiva – “Epigraphe Et Ouverture” (LP – “Drôles D’Oiseaux”) (Hinterzimmer)
Frank Turner – “If I Ever Stray” (single and LP – “England Keep My Bones”) (Xtra Mile)
How To Dress Well – “Cold Nites” (single and LP – “Total Loss”) (Weird World)
Cate Le Bon – “January” (EP – “CYRK II”) (OVNI/Turnstile)
White Rabbits – “I’m Not Me” (single and LP – “Milk Famous”) (Mute)
Falty DL – “Our House Stab” (b-side to “Hardcourage” single) (Nina Tune)
Dinosaur Jr. – “Watch The Corners” (single and LP – “I Bet On Sky”) (PIAS)
Gary War – “Thousand Yard Stare” (LP – “Jared’s Lot”) (Spectrum Spools)

Crystal Castles + HEALTH, Leeds Met, 23rd October 2010

I hadn’t realised how popular Crystal Castles have become.  I haven’t got their second album and have missed what I can only assume has been a huge furore surrounding them since the release of their debut in 2009.  Last night’s gig at Leeds Met was a sell out, and the kids were loving it.  [I can now legitimately refer to such gig-goers as kids as I believe I am now scientifically old enough to have fathered a child the same age as at least half of last night’s audience.  This fact is reassuring rather than alarming, as it evidences my belief that I’m still ‘cool’ (although use of that 20th century word may betray me) and have not yet succumbed to the type of ‘safe’ dad music someone of my age might start realising is going to see my happily to my retirement.]

HEALTH, Leeds Met, 23rd October 2010

This tour isn’t the first time Crystal Castles and HEALTH have been mentioned by me in the same breath, as I have played previous musical collaborations by them in my show.  I had thus far failed to see HEALTH and having heard they were marvellous live, I was not disappointed.  They were quite brilliant and I was left wondering whether Crystal Castles may have made an error by being supported by a band so good.  The charismatic bass player was centre stage, being as he was  the most visually entertaining member of the band.  I was actually surprised by how organic their line-up was.  There was a fair amount of synthetic effects, but largely their sound was comprised of guitars, bass, drums, more drums, and vocals.  Their whole set was an onslaught of confident, articulate, tightly knitted noise, and the highlights were Die Slow and USA Boys.

The between-band downtime, prolonged due to the malfunction of either an XLR or a DI box on stage, wasn’t the usual painful wait, for me at least.  The soundman had a penchant for Elliott Smith, so I got to hear all of Elliott Smith and half of Either Or during the wait.

Crystal Castles
Crystal Castles, Leeds Met, 23rd October 2010

My paternal concerns about whether Crystal Castles may find themselves upstaged by HEALTH proved unnecessary.  They started with (I assume) a couple of tunes from Crystal Castles (II) and the youth were going crazy, lapping it up.  The sound was quite immense – deep, full-on electronics, piercing vocals and live drums.  Couple their aural onslaught with the visual element of the live experience, and it was a performance I really could not find fault with.   The heavy use of backlit strobes, against an otherwise mostly dark stage, with Alice Glass’s onstage athleticism, and they are quite a proposition.  Quite a brilliant night.

External references:
Crystal Castles – crystalcastles.com
HEALTH – www.healthnoise.com
NIck Pickles music photographer – www.music-photographer.co.uk

Eclectic Mainline playlist – 30th September 2009



If I can make one recommendation for a gig next week, it would be to see HEALTH at the Brudenel Social Club in Leeds on Tuesday 6th October.  Die Slow is certainly one of my favourite tunes of 2009, and I’ve been led to believe they’re excellent live, so I shall be there on Tuesday as will Laura Rawlings.

Now, onto matters relating to tunes in last night’s show.  Of course, I played Die Slow, as well as covers of songs originally by John Denver (Micah P. Hinson) and The Beatles (The Feelies).  Here’s a full list of what I played:

Spiral Stairs – Stolen Pills
Anti-Pop Consortium – Capricorn One
Micah P Hinson – This Old Guitar
F*ck Buttons – Surf Solar
Cate Le Bon – Me Oh My
The Twilight Sad – The Room
The Feelies – Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey
HEALTH – Die Slow
Richard Hawley – As the dawn breaks
The Kindness – Swinging Party
APSE – Closure
The Death Set – Paranoia (Strike! compilation)
Hudson Mohawke – Fruit Touch
Lou Barlow – Goodnight Unknown
Choir Of Young Believers – Why must it always be this way

[addition at 17:30 on 1st October:  I have to admit, I didn’t learn until today the sad news that Beau Velasco of The Death Set died a few days ago, and it wasn’t for that reason that I played a song by them in my show]

Eclectic Mainline playlist – 2nd Sept 2009

Iron & Wine - Around The Well

Iron & Wine - Around The Well

Regular listeners will have, in recent weeks, heard me play wonderful covers by Iron And Wine of songs by New Order, Flaming Lips and The Postal Service, all from the new compilation Around The Well. Tonight I played one of the Iron And Wine originals from this 2CD set. It’s a mighty fine collection indeed. Also tonight’s show featured 4 tunes that could well be vying for inclusion in the ‘ best of the year’ list when it comes to thinking about such things – new releases by HEALTH, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, APSE and The Very Best Of are all jolly spiffing. By the way, I think I’m reflecting the bands’ own personal preferences there by using all capitals for some of them, but I could be wrong.

The full list of tunes played tonight is thus

Wildbirds & Peacedrums – My Heart (Deerhoof remix)
The Very Best Of – Warm Heart Of Africa
Bibio – Palm Of Your Wave
Joker’s Daughter – Lucid
Slow Club – Trophy Room
Metronomy – Do The Right Thing
APSE – 3.1
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – The Rider Song
Little Dragon – Feather
Iron & Wine – Sacred Vision
Grizzly Bear – While you wait for the others
Boards Of Canada – Amo Bishop Roden (Warp20 (Chosen) compilation)
HEALTH – Die Slow
Dark Captain Light Captain – Questions (Hatchback remix)