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These New Puritans – ‘Hologram’ (Albert Freeman remix)

Back in June I told you about a remix competition for These New PuritansHologram.  I suggested I might have a go myself, and indeed I did!  I would be the first to admit that mine is not a fully realised idea.  Given more time (to get more familiar with Logic, as well as exploring my idea for the remix) I think my mix has potential to sound much better.  Another thing to note (and again this is to do with me not being too familiar with Logic yet) is that mine is relatively quiet – so turn up the volume when you listen to mine!

Anyway, I entered my effort into the competition.  You can hear it below along with the original and also my favourite of the other competition entries, that by Mute Branches.

These New Puritans original version


Albert Freeman remix

(remember, it’s quiet so turn up!)

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These New Puritans: ‘Hologram’ Remix Competition

Now then, this looks exciting! Might have a go myself if I get time! The info below is copied from the Domino press release…

These New Puritans‘Hologram’ remix competition

To coincide with the release of the astonishing ‘Hologram’ on July 26, TNP have set up an exclusive remix competition hosted by www.fairtilizer.com.

Head to http://blog.fairtilizer.com/contest/puritans-2/ and you will be able to download the parts to Hologram for free. Remixes of the track can then be uploaded and entered into the competition – as judged by the band.

The winner will receive tickets to Londons 1234 festival, where These New Puritans are performing, along with special prize pack which includes music, merchandise and signed special edition goodies. The winner will also receive a pro-account for Fairtilizer.

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