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When Big Joan Sets Up Playlist – 24th Sept 2009

The latest episode in the When Big Joan Sets Up saga was foisted upon the unsuspecting people of Bradford on Wednesday at midnight and oh , what fun we had (while you were asleep, probably)

Three tracks from “Butter ” the LP from Warp wunderkind Hudson Mohwake were played, alongside new stuff from Jahdan Blakkamoore, Do Make Say Think, and Simon Joyner. Everybody had a lovely time and went home with a balloon.

The tracklist (or tracklsit as my leaden fingers seem determined to call it) went after this fashion:

Digital Funk – “Vybezin” –  (V/A  EP “MindFood”) (L2s Recordings)
Earthmen and Strangers- ” Bartender” (LP – “Earthmen and Strangers”)(FDH records)
Girls of the Gravitron – “Malthusian Love Song” (7″) (Boom Chick)
Jimmy Yancey – “Bear Cat Blues” (LP – “Complete Recorded Works Volume 2 1940-1943”) (Document)
Buckey Ranks – “Push, Baby Mother, Push” (LP- “The Journey”)(Tendertouch)
Joey Riot vs. Obie – “I Require Filth” (12″) (Lethal Theory)
The Raincoats – “No Side To Fall In” (LP- “The Raincoats”) (Rough Trade)
Fool’s Gold -” Suprise Motel” (CD Single)
Do, Make , Say, Think- “Think” (LP- “The Other Truths”)(Constellation)
Hudson Mohawke – “3.30”
Hudson Mohawke – “Fruit Touch”
Hudson Mohawke feat Nadsroic – “All Hot” (all from LP -“Butter”)(Warp Records)
Simon Joyner – “The Arsonist” (LP- “Out in the Snow”) (Team Love)
Jahdan Blakkamoore feat. 77 Klash – “Dem A Idiot” (LP- “Buzzrock Warrior”) (Gold Dust Media)
Cosmic Spore “Transmission Lima” (V/A LP - “Schranz Me”) (Schlactof)