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International Ladies Day! Buffet do Radio Venus (#60)

Hello Hello!

We hope you had a fabulous International Women’s Day. I was joined in the studio by the marvellous Rachel Kaye, and together we played some of our current favourites – all fanny-powered, of course. You can catch up with the show here, if you missed it.

This is what we played:

1. Janelle Monae with Erykah Badu – Q.U.E.E.N.
2. The Julie Ruin – Oh Come On
3. Chest – Better Now
4. Savages – City’s Full
5. St Vincent – Digital Witness
6. Eve – Eve
7. Courtney Barnett – History Eraser
8. Angel Haze – Battle Cry
9. Ella Fitzgerald – Can’t Buy Me Love
10. Shopping – Long Way Home
11. Angel Olsen – Hi Five
12. Body/Head – Ain’t
13. Luscious Jackson – You and Me
15. Cate Le Bon – Are You With Me Now

We’ve uploaded a pic of our special guest to Flickr and you can follow us on Twitter @buffetdisco

Buffet is back on Sunday 23rd March – tune in!

Maria x



Buffet #52 – Out of Step

Hello hello! If you tuned into Buffet on Sept 8th we apologise for being out of step – it was actually August’s show (which didn’t get broadcast because of a computer hoo-ha). However, we still played cool stuff if you fancy a listen…

This here is the track list:

1. THE RUNAWAYS – School Days
2. GIRLS AGAINST BOYS – Bullet Proof Cupid
4. KRAFTWERK – Computer Operator
5. THE UNIT AMA – Plastique Bertrand
6. BJORK – Sun in my Mouth
7. YUCK – Rebirth
8. DUCHESS SAYS – Time to Reiterate
9. ARCTIC MONKEYS – Do I Wanna Know
11. GIRLSCHOOL – Let’s Go
12. HUMAN LEAGUE – Sound of the Crowd
13. WENDY & LISA – Sweet Suite

We’re back on 6th October – bye for now!

Maria & Jenny Jet

Buffet vs The Robots (#50)

Hello hello!

Last month we had a robot themed show, which you can listen to here. This was inspired by Jenny’s work with Playful Leeds around the theme of #secretrobots – there may be more robotic fun to be had over the coming months, so check them out on Twitter!

Anyroad, it meant lots of fun digging out themed music, and we reckon we played quite a good mix – this is it:

1. BRIAN LE BARTON – Threshold (8 Bit)
2. BEASTIE BOYS – Intergalactic
3. MARNIE STERN – Year of the Glad
4. IMANI HEKIMA – The Robots’ Rebellion
5. GRANDADDY – Jed the Humanoid
6. THE JULIE RUIN – Oh Come On
7. BEING 747 – Do the Maths
8. JOHNNY TERRIS – Bionic Fembot Mix
9. A.C.TEMPLE – Miss Sky
10. JANELLE MONAE – Cybertronic
11. NADINE SHAH – Dreary Town
13. SQURL – Pink Dust
14. ELO –  ‘Yours Truly, 2095’
15. KRAFTWERK – We are the Robots

And here’s a video for the Bionic Fembot Mix

The next show is on 14th July at 7pm – we’re putting on a Fantasy Festival! Who would be in your line-up? Let us know!

Maria & Jenny