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DIY or Die goes LIVE!

diyordieBCB has a whole new show! From the the minds of Katie and Jen, former presenters of The Show, comes DIY or Die – a monthly look into the world of DIY music and culture in Bradford and beyond.

We have our own extra-special blog at network23.org/diyordie because we have so much stuff we want to tell people about – there’s also a zine in production that will be available for you look at online and in hard copy.

On our first ever show, we spoke to Jeffrey Lewis about the wonder of Crass, discussed the upcoming EqualFest happening at the 1 in 12 Club and found out about food foraging…

These are the musical selections we made –

MEN – Who Am I? (new single, featuring Anthony from Anthony and the Johnsons)

Jeffrey Lewis – ‘End Result’

Crass – ‘End Result’

Joe Tilston – ‘A Song For Old Friends’

Random Hand – ‘I, Human’ (from 2009 album Inhale/Exhale)

Autonomads – ‘Dubbin’ Up The Downfall’

Etai Keshaki
– ‘Propaganda of the Deed’ (new exclusive track!)

Trash Kit – ‘Cadets’

Family Elan – misc live track.

Amanda Palmer
– ‘Map of Tazmania’

DIY or Die goes out once a month on Saturdays at 5pm, and is repeated the following Monday at 10am and Tuesday at midnight. Thanks to the magic of the BCB website, you can also listen again. So no excuses.

Eclectic Mainline – 2nd June 2010

The Love Apple, Bradford.  RIP

The Love Apple, Bradford. RIP

Admittedly the closure of The Love Apple in Bradford isn’t the saddest news I’ve been greated with in the past couple of days. I wish it was, however, and that the shootings in Cumbria hadn’t happened.  However, I’m totally shocked and gutted that The Love Apple had to close, and this is a sad result of what has happened to Bradford in the past few years.  About 5 years ago the place (both Bradford and The Love Apple) was buzzing (quite literally after The Twilight Sad and Frightened Rabbit‘s loud gig there!)  and there was a real vibe around the place.  Now…well, how things have changed.  The Bradford Playhouse is showing promising signs, but if a nice independent bar like The Love Apple can’t make ends meet, well, we’ve got problems.  Other highlights that I’ve seen there include Jeffrey Lewis (at which I was very proud to be part of the support with Wilful Missing), Dufus and The Wave Pictures (a great, yet poorly attended gig, again at which Wilful Missing were lucky enough to be asked to support).  I was also at the Jeremy Warmsley gig at which one Laura Groves made her first appearance, many a moon before blossoming into Blue Roses.  So, thanks must go to Pav and co for giving us The Love Apple, and I wish him and his staff the best of luck for whatever they do next.

Here’s what I played in my show tonight:

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